E.T. Abduction


Some people have experienced a close encounter of the fourth kind. This means that they were subjects of alien abduction. This may sound as a shock to some of you but there are plenty of evidence and eye witness account as well as testimonies from the abductees. How can people all over the country and world tell of experiences that have a familiar theme? Now according to those who have been abducted there seem to be a reason why the extraterrestrials are abducting human beings.

The activities of extraterrestrials are clandestine for obvious reasons; they have the ability to erase short term memories however since the subconscious captures all of our experience the memories are not completely erased. People become consciously aware when memories begin to surface in dreams, or when the person takes part in meditation and mental exercises such as hypnosis. If the abduction was a traumatic experience for the abductee then their short term memory will retain memories of the abduction and may have flash backs as they go through some form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The memories will come out in fragments, in non-chronically order which often causes problems for the abductee.

abduction 4

So the question is why are the extraterrestrials abducting humans? The International Center for abduction research have pointed out that most of the abductions is done with the purpose of creating hybrids of alien/humans. When someone is taken they are rendered passive which makes resistance useless. They are taken aboard a craft, their clothes removed and they are made to lie down on a table. Then the abductee is put through procedures of physical and mental examinations. Their bodies and mind are probed and if the abductee is a reproductive mature male their sperm is taken; if the abductee is a reproductive mature female, their eggs are harvested. After the examination the abductees are placed in an area where large incubation tanks of hybrids at different stages of development are kept. The abductees are then made to have physical contact with hybrids. The abductees are required to have skin to skin contact with hybrid babies. After all the human part of the hybrid baby need to have the physical contact and bonding to survive just like a regular human baby. Human children abductees are made to play with hybrid children teaching them games and interacting with them in the same manner as they would with their human peers. The adults and sexual mature abductees are required to have some form of sexual contact with the sexual mature adult hybrids.


abduction 2

According to reports from some abductees the species of extraterrestrials that are doing the abductions may be attempting to preserve their own race and culture. It seems that they made scientific advances in genetics and that they used the technology to genetically modify themselves. After a while, they lost the ability to reproduce. While other reports from abductees believe that hybrids are being created to replace the human race on earth. Perhaps the latter may hold more water giving the fact that the military of various countries that have a stock pile of atomic and nuclear weapons in storage facilities have classified reports of unidentified flying objects (UFO) monitoring those facilities. As well as extraterrestrial activities around those types of facilities. Perhaps a show down between humans and hybrids is looming.


  1. My husband and I have believed in the presence of aliens for a very long time now. Everything you’ve written here has the resounding ring of truth. It is all over tv shows (like XFiles) and documentaries (like Alien Encounters) and made into movies. I do believe the powers that be are drip feeding us these clues so that when the encounter ultimately happens, say between hybrids and humans or our own abduction, we will not freak out and will be more apt to deal with them calmly. Two movies immediately come to mind and they are Paul and Signs. I know Paul was CGI’d but that was his theory of images of the grays used to initiate the masses so they won’t freak out. Signs dealt with the reality that is totally possible when aliens visit us en mass. Thanks for putting it out there for others to consider. =)

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    • Thanks for reading
      I’ve never seen those movies you’ve mentioned.
      I wasn’t totality convinced of E.T contact until I had my own experience https://truegeorge.com/2016/01/16/aliens-in-our-midst/
      It was modest compared to most, yet profound and validated E.T contact is no myth.
      Recently I heard about the Pentagon having direct communication with E.T authorities who had concerns about the Earth’s nuclear weapons programs. It seems to me that man will have a chance should Alien aggressors attempt any overt invasion plans as long as nuclear weapons are at the ready……

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