E.T Abduction: Slaves


 How do you feel when the subject of slavery comes up? Is it a topic that you care to discuss whether you are a descendant of people who were enslaved; or a descendant of people that were the perpetrators of the slave trade? What if I told you that humanity’s experience with slavery was just an extension of something that is flourishing outside of this earth as you are sitting and reading this article? It has been documented that slaves have existed in every great civilization on every continent, among just about every national and ethnic group, from ancient societies all the way to the 19th century when it became outlawed worldwide. However, the existing laws have not completely stopped the slave trade. It has just moved it underground creating a black market of people being brought and sold. Everyday people are abducted and sold into slavery’ and it isn’t this is just human on human slavery. It is big business here on earth and off.

slave 2

According to the Secret Space Program (SSP) insiders there is an existence of a flourishing galactic slave trade. There is evidence of people being abducted by extraterrestrials. This is what is called a close encounter of the fourth kind. Plus, the information of what we know concerning abduction by the extraterrestrials have come from people who came back from being abducted. There were attempts to wipe the memory away, but the memories surfaced in fragmented pieces. Yet, there are those who were abducted and they will never come back.

People are taken for a variety of reasons, but the question remains; are those taken are randomly selected or are they targeted? There are assertions that the European Cabal were allowing non-terrestrials to abduct people and in many cases, they trade people for some type of technology. One needs to remember that the entire Earth is not governed by the European Cabal and that in places like the middle East, Africa, Asia, South and Central America the human slave black market still flourishes and those in power in the region collude in providing human slaves to non-terrestrials. These people who trade in human beings for profit and technology are the morally bankrupted fabric of society. The elites who collude in this practice are worst because they can stop it but choose to allow for some sort of gain. Once they sell off a person they do not care what fate deals to the enslaved If there should ever be a full disclosure of what the European Cabal and other elites from non-European groups is revealed they are liable to get rounded up and lynched.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Why would these advanced entities need living slaves when they could just use robots?

    I could understand it if it was like the Dune universe (the Dune books by Frank Herbert, and later books by his son) where things like that are banned, but I doubt that is banned in our universe.

    -John Jr


    • A good question about using robots for labor instead of living beings.
      But for the abduction of people to be used as slaves it’s done for a variety of reasons. From what I heard slaves are wanted for sex, genetic experiments, to design infrastructure and as a food source.
      Yes, sexual exploration for the humanoid non terrestrials as well as for slaves they want to keep satisfied.
      People are abducted because of their intellect perhaps they are good in math, engineering, programming computers and the Reptilian species use humans as a source of food…..

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      • Thank you for answering that and sharing those extra details True George.

        When it comes to using humans as a food source, could they not just grow human meat because they should have that technology?

        -John Jr

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        • You can’t just grow human meat it has to be breed maybe they do have some sort of farm but if you keep a group of humans eventually interbreeding will occur making the off spring genetically inferior and prone to physical genetic disorders. The meat will be tainted so they need to buy a supply to diversify the pool.

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          • Hello True George,

            I disagree about not being able to grow human meat without breeding, I think that it is possible to grow some human tissue and some non-human tissue without breeding outside the body (like in a lab) and inside the body (like growing some human organs in pig embryos) using various methods and various types of cells using some current human technology that is still slowly advancing.

            -John Jr


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