Night Fear

fear 2

What is still unknown to a lot of people is how do we attract the unseen to us? The answers that I get on a consistent basis is that it depends on the type of energy that one puts out. Then again, how do we control the energy that we put out? Sometimes that is a mystery; this leads me to this experience. Even though I put this in my dream journal I can assure that I was not asleep in a dream state when it happened.

I was spending the night at my girlfriend’s apartment; lying in bed in the dark bedroom I had felt the presence of an entity. It was quite unusual but along with the presence of this entity it had the energy that made me afraid. I had in my mind to ask it what it wants, however being in the state of fright, I could not get the words out. But after a few minutes I managed to ask it “Who are you?”  I cannot recall what the entity said, or I might not have gotten an answer. I really didn’t want the entity in my presence so I asked again “what do you want? I still git no answer; so, I said in a stern voice “go away!” as the entity was leaving a voice said in my right ear that it wanted to cut my face….

I might have inadvertently summoned this entity perhaps like what happened to me before. I realized that because my free will was strong that entity’s energy of fear did not weaken my will and it had no choice but to leave when I told it to leave. This was the moment that I decided to learn some type of energetic self-defensive.

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