Summoned Nightmare


What is evident is the Law of Attraction; it is the perceived notion of the nature of bodies that have a tendency to attract or repeal each other. This is scientifically plausible. One can see that on the basic level using magnets.  When it comes to living beings our daily lives are filled with the people we attract, whether the attraction is on a conscious or unconscious level. It all depends on our attitude, lifestyle, and beliefs.  On the spiritual level, the type of spiritual force that is attracted to us also depends on out attitude, lifestyle, and morals. Beliefs don’t matter because there are spiritual forces that are attracted to those who have compromising beliefs. The spiritual forces exist and have an influence whether a person believes it or not. It is all energy driven.   Anyway, as anyone ever summoned a spiritual force? How was that force summoned?

nightmare II

This leads me to something that happened during a period of my awaking.  It started when I had a regular dream, it was about an entity that had invaded an apartment building and was making trouble against the occupants. It seemed that the entity was a tormented soul who had died prematurely and wanted to get some type of revenge. Somehow he ended up in somebody’s apartment because the building where his apartment was in when he was alive was demolished. So now this entity was roaming around looking for somewhere to haunt. This dream was not a pleasant dream. While this dream went on, I had awakened. When I was awake I felt that there was the presence of something in the room. I decided to take the advice that I received from a Meta-Physical Professor who I was consulting with at the time. His advice was to ask questions to whatever presence that was detected.  So I asked the entity, “Who are you?” Then to my surprised I received an answer to the question. I heard a voice say that it was NIGHTMARE. Then I asked “Who sent you?”  IT SAID THAT ” YOU SUMMONED ME.” I was dumbfounded “I summoned it?” I do not know how or what I done to summon Nightmare?  I thought since Nightmare said I summoned it, and I don’t want it to be here, I will tell it to leave. I told Nightmare to go away, and he left.

So the mystery for me is how can a spirit be summoned if you have not engaged in any ritual or activity and asked for a spirit to come fourth?

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