Southern Vampire Series


Have anyone heard of Sookie Stack house? Then ya’ll know that she is a character of the Southern Vampire series novels written by Charlene Harris.  The show True Blood is based on these novels.  During the past month I got addicted to watching True Blood, if you have subscribed to Amazon video the first six seasons were free, but the bastards decided to charge for the seventh and final season. It is ironic because the final season story-line was a bit boring with eerie concepts. The only thing I can’t fandom is the concept of Vampires having a soul. They are the walking dead. They bring nothing but death, destruction and Darkness, and they are parasites. Otherwise the Romanticizing of Vampires, Shape-shifters, Werewolves is just wrong, but what would you expect from a story line based in the boondocks of Louisiana.

Well got dam (deep south accent) Charlene looks like True_George is your new customer.

sookie II



      • It seems that a lot of people get their news that way now-a-days from what I have heard, I do not have a Facebook account or Twitter account so I am not familiar with how news flows on those services these days, and so I am a bit out of the loop and most of my news comes from Google News and MSN (Bing) News and YouTube and occasional glances at the newspaper and by word of mouth and occasional glances at television news. 😀

        -John Jr

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        • you should consider opening a twitter and Facebook account and link it to your blog. It’ll will reach more readers.
          Even before social media was created news on the net have been unreliable, counter news, fake news and enhanced propaganda. Now that social media is here the term “fake news” is now a household name. With running fake death reports of celebrities, politicians and world leaders.
          When I want to know what’s going on I check multiple legit sources. such as CNN, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, Bloomberg, NY Times and local news….

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          • Hello True George,

            I have considered it, I even had an account on both of those services before in the past but they did not meet my expectations back then, but I actually should create an account on one or both of those services to at least promote my blog so that is a good idea that I have been considering so thank you.

            I like to get my news from many sources as well, especially non-corporate sources, and that is one thing I like about Google News and MSN (Bing) News is that they have news from a variety of sources.

            I used to follow many different news RSS Feeds as well in my browser to get an even larger variety of news from many more sources but I switched from Firefox to Google Chrome which does not support that from the browser on default and Google got rid of Google Reader so I just started using aggregated(?) news services like Google News and a few other sources to get most of my news.

            Thank you,
            -John Jr

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  1. The name Sookie Stackhouse caught my attention. A blogging friend of mine was quite insistent that I read AT LEAST one of the books. It is not my usual kind of novel at all. Anything to do with vampires is not. However, to my surprise I really enjoyed the reading and ended up going through the whole series. I found it was a quick read, light entertainment fantasy escape, bit like an adult version of Harry Potter if you like. I havwe not seen any of the movies and don’t intend to. Sookie is in her coffin now as far as I am concerned. But it was nice to go and visit her corner of the world for a while.

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    • Yes, I agree. The series made Vampires seem like a superior being with the flaw of being the walking dead. Even making their blood was intoxicating and addictive with hallucinations and trip properties. That is too much for veil parasites

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  2. Hello True George,

    Years ago I got started on the television series True Blood when I traveled and I stopped to stay at a motel for the night in a part of the world in a place called Lafayette (which one, in which country, I will leave that as a mystery 😉 ), and I was flipping through channels when I saw part of the end of an episode from maybe season 2 involving Maryann Forrester and it caught my attention.

    They showed one or more episodes after that so I watched them, oddly an unknown woman called my motel room asking me what I was wearing which was very odd and uncomfortable and had me on alert after that so I politely ended that strange call, and I finished watching the one or two episodes that they showed.

    Over time I went on to download and watch all of the episodes until I got caught up with the series, and then I followed it until it eventually ended.

    I preferred the earlier seasons, I do not like how they portrayed some of the supernatural/paranormal/natural entities, but the television series did get me hooked until the later seasons; and I never read the books.

    -John Jr


    • hello John. I agree the earlier episodes had the best story line. It started getting a bit touchy when it started to portray Vampires has having a soul. Folklore, and Vampire tales normally assert that Vampires are dammed beings usually a human was turned punished for their evil deeds sucking the blood of the living primary children or babies and their mothers at night.
      But the ideas were there. Lilith as the Vampire god has it origins from Lilith the mother of demons and Adams first wife. The half bull creature there are myths about that. Werewolves etc. But to portray Vampires as a superior being to all…well thank heavens it is only fiction.

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      • Yep, I liked that a version of Lilith was presented (and I even like the catchy name of Billith that some people came up with later) and the character of Maryann Forrester, but I do not like how werewolves and werepanthers et cetera were presented; and I also definitely do not like how they over-powered vampires to near demi-god levels. 😉

        -John Jr

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