Crying to Mommy

psych ward

This weekend the patients were not as restless as they were last weekend. One of the developments that took place was that Kevin was readmitted back to the unit on Thursday. Since that time he has been involved in two altercations with Mike, and he was place on one to one status. This means a staff member will be walking with him every where he goes.  Kevin’s chart also documented that he instigated the altercation with Mike, and that a female patient reported that he solicited her for sex.

Mike told me that Kevin started the altercation with him because he got mad when Pam decided to go his room. Mike explained that Kevin wanted to claim ownership over Pam. Despite Kevin’s intention of keeping Pam for himself,  Pam continues her behavior of entering the rooms of various male patients for the purpose of having sex. Mike said that the staff was aware that the fight was over Pam. Then Mike and Kevin had another altercation over a different matter, Kevin continued to rant when he was placed on one to one status. Pam was told to stay away from Kevin.

Speaking of Pam she was restless, and refused to be weighed. She accused the Nurse of bullying her. During the fresh air period, Pam attacked the Nurse. She was held back by the Aides. Then one of the Aides for her to be escorted back to the unit.

Dawn looked and sounded more stable then she was last week. However she has a larger issue looming. According to what Dawn is saying her mother and daughter said that they are going to sell her apartment. She was pre-occupied with this issue, and it was all that she spoke about. She was also cursing her daughter and calling her mother names. At the same time she was on the phone calling them and pleading them not to do it; telling them that she would have no place to go. At one point it seemed that Dawn accepted that the apartment was going to be sold, and asked questions about getting new affordable housing. But most of the time she was pre-occupied with the issue.

The therapist asked Dawn if she owned a condo, or coop? She said that it was a regular apartment in an apartment building. Then Dawn was asked if she, her mother or daughter owned the apartment building? Dawn stated that they do not own the building. After that Dawn was asked whose name is on the lease. She said her name is on the lease. Then Dawn was told that legally her mother and daughter cannot sell the apartment. Dawn was also told that by law the owner would have to go to court to get her out of the apartment. At this point the building’s owner is not involved in this issue. In addition Dawn was also told that the only way her mother and daughter can do anything legally is that they have to have power of attorney over her affairs. To get the power of attorney they would have to go to court and declare that she is incapable of looking after herself. Dawn stated that her mother and daughter won’t be going to court because her mother cannot walk unassisted and her daughter is not going to take time to deal with such matters.

The information that was given to her did little to ease her thoughts. She went to the supervising Nurse and asked whether her mother and daughter could sell her apartment. She received similar information that the therapist had given her. Then she asked the therapist if he can talk to her mother and tell her how she feels. Dawn was told that it would be inappropriate for him to do so. Then she asked the Nurse and was told the same thing.

Mike said he spoke to Dawn’s mother during the week at Dawn’s request and her mother told him that Dawn acts like a baby and that she spends most of her time in her apartment instead of her own apartment. Mike joked that Dawn’s problem is that she has not cut the umbilical cord between her and her mother. Even though Mike is a patient I find that his metaphor about Dawn’s relationship with her mother was spot on. Dawn has an attachment to her mother, and she is constantly calling her and when she was on the outside. She is always calling on  her mother (according to her chart).

Ann-Marie is another patient who has issues with her mother. Even though she admits that her mother used to physically abuse her, and treat her badly. Ann-Marie is always on the phone calling her. The last contact with her mother brought Ann-Marie to tears. So the Supervising Nurse made comments that Ann-Marie and Dawn are constantly on the phone with their mothers and having emotional reactions after they hang up. So the Supervising Nurse had the phones turned off. This left both women up-set.

Dawn was counseled, and it was explained to her that the phone was turned off to give her a period to cool down. It looked like she accepted what was said, but the pre-occupation of losing her apartment came back and she started crying about that.

Ann-Marie was also counseled,  she was asked if she actually spoke to her mother. She said she actually spoke to her mother.Then she was asked so why is she crying? Ann-Marie said she cried because her mother told her that she loved her. Ann-Marie said that when her mother told her that, it made her cry. She said that the Nurse thought that she was crying because she was upset.

Ann-Marie’s cry of joy turned into despair because she then started to verbalize that she wants to go home. The Nurse reminded Ann-Marie that she is not in Haiti, or Dominique (Ann-Marie spent time in Psychiatric institutions in France, Haiti and Dominique) and that they cannot just let her out because she wants to leave.

Dora told me that she hates the senior Nurse. She physically shakes at the prospect that he will be on the next shift. Dora said that he used to treat her nice, but he turned on her after he was the attending Nurse to her while she was placed on one to one. The senior Nurse was told what Dora revealed. The Nurse said that Dora used to like him but since Dora refused to take her medication the staff made the decision to inject the meds in her. He said that Dora thought just because they had a good relationship, that he wouldn’t inject her with her medication. Dora was wrong, she was held down and her medication was injected into her. Form that time on she looks at him as the enemy.

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