frustrated II

There was some frustration between some patients because the phones were off. In response Dawn and Jimmy kept on approaching one of the interns and pestering him to get the Supervising Nurse to turn the phones on. The intern said, look the phones are turned off for a reason, and I will not waste my time asking for the phones to be turned on when you know what the answer will be. Jimmy did not want to accept that the phones are off, he wanted the phones to be turned on and he wanted it to happen now. So he went to the desk and called out to the Supervising Nurse and accused her of being selfish for not turning on the phones. Mike saw what Jimmy was doing so he called Jimmy to come over where he was. Mike said, Jimmy stop wasting your time no one will listen to you. Remember they always turn the phones on at lunch time. Sure enough at the start of lunch, the phones were turned on….


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