frustrated II

There was some frustration between some patients because the phones were off. In response Dawn and Jimmy kept on approaching one of the interns and pestering him to get the Supervising Nurse to turn the phones on. The intern said, look the phones are turned off for a reason, and I will not waste my time asking for the phones to be turned on when you know what the answer will be. Jimmy did not want to accept that the phones are off, he wanted the phones to be turned on and he wanted it to happen now. So he went to the desk and called out to the Supervising Nurse and accused her of being selfish for not turning on the phones. Mike saw what Jimmy was doing so he called Jimmy to come over where he was. Mike said, Jimmy stop wasting your time no one will listen to you. Remember they always turn the phones on at lunch time. Sure enough at the start of lunch, the phones were turned on.

Dawn was in better spirit now that the phones are on and she is able to make the calls she wanted to make. She stopped crying about the possibility of her mother and daughter selling her apartment (  Dawn said I know they will not sell my apartment, they were only saying it to scare me. Dawn announced my daughter and her new husband is coming to visit me. Now that Dawn’s was at ease about that apartment selling matter and it looks like she made up with her daughter she started being a pest and frustrating the intern by constantly asking him to get her things like soda, coffee and cigarettes even though she was repeatedly told that she cannot have those items. Dawn even asked the intern to lend her some money insisting that she will get the money to repay the loan when her daughter comes to visit. Assuring that her daughter will give back the borrowed money. The frustration carried over to Mike. Mike was frustrated that he has to hear Dawn ask the same thing over and over again. Especially when the staff isn’t paying Dawn any mind. Mike shouts to Dawn, shut the fuck up already.

Ann-Marie started to cry because she was frustrated that one of the staff members who promised to do her hair was not available to fulfill the promise. The staff member had to be elsewhere to cover for a staff member who called in sick. Ann- Marie came over to where Mike was and started to cry. This also frustrated Mike, he said she is always doing this. Crying when things don’t go as planned. Jesus Christ, I just feel like slapping the shit out of her.

Now Dawn begins to frustrate the staff because she started to call her mother every ten minutes. She speaks to her mother then calls her back ten minutes later sometimes the mother picks up and most of the time she doesn’t. When she doesn’t Dawn gets frustrated. This was the motivating factor for staff to put a limit on all out going phone calls. Which Dawn begins to violate. So the staff responded by turning off the phones. Now that the phones are off again Dawn begins to feel anxious and she verbalizes her frustration.

An altercation begins over the washing machine. Jimmy wanted to use the machine, but Ann-Marie had just put her clothes in the machine. Ann-Marie says Jimmy you can’t use the machine now, I just put my clothes in it. Jimmy doesn’t listen, he keeps on insisting on using the machine. Ann-Marie gets frustrated and curses him out. Jimmy utters some choice words of his own. The staff tells them to be quiet. Mike starts to show some frustration towards Jimmy. Apparently Mike feels that Jimmy is picking on Ann-Marie and arguing with her because she is a female. Mike and Jimmy starts to have a war of words. Since Mike has a repetition of having physical altercations this made the staff nervous. A staff member presses the panic button. Within two minutes four burly men arrived. This calms Mike down somewhat; but Jimmy keeps on mouthing off. One of the Nurses started to speak with Jimmy in Polish. Mike thinks that the discussion is about him. This frustrates Mike, so he displayed a fit of anger. The presence of the big men prevents Mike form attacking anyone. One of the Nurses escorts Mike to his room and gives him an injection. Then Jimmy was given some medication and the choice to take it himself or have it involuntary injected.

Now just as things got quite Kevin comes and started instigating an altercation and talking some smack saying that he is going to body slam someone. He indirectly insults Dawn by calling her a Prostitute because she gives head in exchange for cigarettes ( He starts to call Ann-Marie Ms. Piggy because of her weight. Dawn heard what Kevin said and starts to mouth off at Kevin. The intern tells Kevin to stop what he is doing. The Nurse decides that Kevin’s thoughts are aggressive and decides to medicate him too.

Dora approached on of the interns and told him that she has thoughts of hurting herself. The intern tells the Supervising Nurse. The Supervising Nurse says, this is Dora’s way of seeking attention. So she calls Dora to the desk and gives her some meds. Later on the intern checked up on her. Dora says thanks to the medication I feel relaxed.

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