Secrets of The Moon


Every night as we look up we see that familiar sight of the celestial body that orbits our Earth. We call it the moon, that is 22000 miles from Earth the object influences many romantic tales, mysteries and even studies that indicates the moon have an influence on our behavior. Hench the term lunatic. The moon also has influence over the Earth. It is the controlling factor of the ocean’s tides and it is the stabilizing factor on the Earth’s tilt.  It is a wonder why man did not go back to the moon after the Apollo missions.

Now True_George may just start some controversial concepts about the moon. It isn’t something that was cooked up by True_George,, the ingredients was already mixed and True_George just took the recipe and sampled it. There are claims that the moon is not a natural but artificial. That the moon came to the Earth’s gravity pull by design. Perhaps because the moon has the exact measurements to block out the sun creating what is called an Eclipse. Because of the perfection in size there is speculation that the moon could have been engineered by extraterrestrials. I know many of you may say of course the dimension of the moon is perfect because it was a creation of the almighty. Well that sums it up the moon was created after all many people just don’t know that they are worshiping extraterrestrials. There are writings by Greek and Roman literature about the earth before the moon. The African Zulu tribe have legends that say the moon was brought to earth. Once it was towed into the earth’s orbit it caused all kinds of catastrophic events, floods and changed the axis of the planet. So you see all the stuff of a pole shift this may just hold some water. The pole shift occurred because the moon was put in place. It also debunks what the space zetas are saying because it also means that another pole shift cannot occur unless the moon is moved.

After the catastrophic events the earth became stabilized. It became so stable that life on Earth flourished and thrive. Could it be that the conditions that was created became ideal to carry out their experiment with the different species of the two legged beasts called man.


So what evidence is there that implies that the moon is an artificial creation? The evidence came from recently declassified NASA reports. When the Apollo 12 capsule departed the moon it released its launch vehicle sending it crashing back down on the moon. When that happened sensors detected a sound like metal on metal clash like if a bell was struck and the moon vibrated like a bell for an hour. NASA decided to conduct an experiment during the Apollo 13 mission. They decided to crash a heavier object on the moon’s surface. When they did it the moon rang like a bell for three hours and for a depth of twenty miles. It was concluded that if the moon contained the same type of rock that is on the surface the impact of the crash should have been absorbed. Since the impact was not absorbed but caused the moon to vibrate it can only mean that the moon is hollow below the surface.

What is your conclusion?


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