Ole Girl’s Sandwich


Met up with an old Army buddy that I have not seen in a while. Decided to hang out. Just got my brand new car. A Nissan Maxima an expensive fully loaded automatic car that the dealer put his hand in my pocket and took the out cash to pay for it. Wasn’t keen on making it a hanging out vehicle since I got robbed by the dealer and the insurance company. They both Sandwich me, like I said the dealer put his hand in my pocket and picked pocketed me and now  in this wonderful town of New York City the insurance company is now robbing me so that the Maxima can be on the pot holed streets. But since I haven’t seen my Army buddy in a while. I’ll make an exception and use the Maxima as a hanging out vehicle. Just hope the cost of doing it will justify the means. Driving down a street my Army buddy say, stop I see someone I used to know. Dam it be better not be someone who want to drink. Can’t afford to get pulled over cause my Army buddy wants an old friend he knows to come and drink while I drive. I don’t know the friend. Hell, if it is what I think I’m going to tell them both they can find someone else to hang out with. I don’t care if he is an old Army buddy I’m going to tell him to get the fuck out my Maxima.

Oh it isn’t what I think, I see an object that is the desire of lots of dudes. My Army buddy says I know her, but forgot her name. Just don’t tell her. He yells hey ole girl, she looks up, she lights up, looks like she remembers him. She doesn’t know he vaguely remembers her. He can’t just tell her he doesn’t remember her name; she won’t come with us. So we need to trick her into revealing her name. Easily done;  my old Army buddy says this is my friend introduce yourself to him. As predicted she tells her name. Good, now my old Army buddy can pretend that he remembers her. So she gets chatted up from the both of us. Glad that no liquor is involved, too many DUI check points in his town. Stopped at the big park, chatted this woman up some more, old Army buddy whispers something in her ear, ole girl comes up and suggestively; likes to feel some sensation, licked her on the neck, she moans. Old Army buddy says let’s go back to my place so we walk back to the Maxima. Opened the door for her; she gets in; before old Army buddy and I get in he says she said she would like a Sandwich. Is there a store on the way to old Army buddy’s place? Old Army buddy gives me an Agent Gibbs slap and say I’m not talking about buying a sandwich.


Now we arrived at old Army buddy’s place. Parked the Maxima make sure the parasite NYPD traffic agents don’t put a ticket for the city to extort money from my account. So now old Army buddy, ole girl and yours truly are inside the nice and cozy dwellings of old Army buddy. We get to preparing the Sandwich. First the by taking the meat out of the tight covering peeling off the package. Making it tender letting the natural oil spread on the meat. While jelly is put on the rump of the meat. She takes the pickles in her mouth taste them and made sure they are nice and ready to put in the meat and rump of the meat. The prickles and brown bread is ready. Now the meat and rump has taken in the pickles and ole girl feels the warmth of the pickles and screams as she is over come with the flavor of the pickles. She asked for another sandwich and another one until she was so filled that she had to sleep it off.  Old Army buddy pours some imported over proof  Jamaican white rum in the shot glass, we toast the way ole girl’s Sandwich was primed and seasoned.

Then I say you still paying me gas money motherfucker…..


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