Delusional Rants


The day started off with Katy having one of her psychotic episodes. Eventually she started to have a verbal argument with one of the staff members. Does it make sense for any staff member to engage in an argument with a patient having psychotic delusions? Then from there Katy just went on and on with her delusional rants. Then the blind patient Mary who usually hears voices said in a loud voice “shut up…”  Apparently a voice told Mary that Kathy was talking about her. Now that Mary told Kathy to shut up they began shouting at the top of their lungs at each other, with Kathy adding her delusional rants to the verbal altercation.

While Kathy and Mary were having their verbal argument, some of the other patients were amused and they gloated on this event. Eventually the Nurse on duty came out and took Katy away and gave her a shot. However, when Katy was taken away Mary started to focus her verbalization towards one of the staff members. This time Mary accused the staff member of instigating the altercation that she had with Katy. In as much as this the particular staff member have the habit of saying things which makes Mary react in a negative way. This time around he was not guilty, Mary forgot the voice that she hears was the thing that instigated her confrontation with Katy.


 Most patients were in their rooms until lunch time. When the lunch period was over some patients started receiving visitors. Usually when visitors come they bring food because the food that the Psych Ward provides is terrible.  Now the ward’s patients who don’t have visitors become scavengers; since Pam likes to have sex with the males whenever they have a visitor she comes around to her fellow patient and his visitor to see if she can get some of that homemade cooking or restaurant order. The same goes patients who are friends with each other. They will come around to see if they can get any food or items such has candy and soda. This behavior sometimes pisses off the visitors. If the patients who attempt to scavenge make themselves a nuisance, then the staff will step in and establish some type of order. There is no real privacy for the patients and their visitors.

Keep in mind most mentally ill people are either abandoned by their families are orphans, estranged from their family ( The point is they have no support from any one or have no one that truly cares for them. The bridges were burned or the family has enough dealing with the issues that come dealing with a mentally ill person. It is physically and emotionally draining and the energy that comes from a mentally ill person dampens the spirit.  So one can imagine the excitement that is generated when a visitor arrives to see a patient in the Psych Ward.

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  1. I hope this is not true of institutional care any more 😦 I know mental health institutions are not nice places to be in, and many have sadly been abandoned by family…

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