Vicious Cycle


Patients that spent a couple of weeks or months in the Psychiatry ward and were released are starting to be readmitted back to the ward one by one. Dawn was readmitted the other day after two weeks outside (, now Chris and Mohammad is back.

Chris has been on the outside for a month, then he got himself arrested. He was detained at Rikers Island, but when he went before a Criminal Court Judge he was deemed unfit to stand trial. So he was shipped right back to the Psych ward. The wonderful State of New York do not put those that is deemed mentally unfit on trial, they cannot be charged or convicted because the impressible Social Workers with the Mental Health lobby have persuaded the Bums in Albany (New York State government) that a mentally impaired person is not responsible for their actions. All that will happen is that the person will be locked up in a Psychiatry facility for a couple of months then set lose on the unsuspecting population until they commit the next crime. The cycle continues. Arrested, detained, a Judge rules mentally unfit, stay in the Psych Ward, released after a couple of months.

Chris’s thinking and thought process is so unorganized that he confuses dates and events. His thought of train is so derailed that he often does not finish speaking on a subject before starting to speak about something else. After speaking on a new subject, he goes back to the old subject and finishes his thoughts, then jumps to the new subject again. When having a conversation with him, one needs to pay particular attention to what he is saying otherwise you will be lost. Chris was asked by an intern. What happened? Chris said, I don’t know why the Cops arrested me? I was arguing with someone, and then they just rolled up on me and said I scratched a car, and I walked away after the argument. The intern being new to the thought process of a mentally impaired person just scratched his head and say to himself, what the hell did he just say?  So he looked at Chris’s chart to see why he was returned.

The chart stated that Chris did not abide by his agreement to therapy. He was given an apartment at an assisted living building. He spent a week in that apartment before returning to his old apartment where he lived before his last admittance to the Psych ward, he did not report to his therapy sessions and obviously he has not been taking his meds. The chart also stated that Chris did indeed get into an argument with someone, and then he walked away and came back with a golf club, smashed a car window and was menacing people on the side walk with it. This is the reason why he was arrested.

Now on the other hand Mohammad was not the sort of fellow that would get himself picked up by Law Enforcement. Mohammad was not on the outside very long before he came back. When he came back he was stressed. It seems he was having a delusional episode. Well, the Psych Ward staff wondered what triggered it. Mohammad explained, I got scared when I heard the smoke alarm, so I decided to check myself back in because I feel safer here. A contrast between Chris and Dawn. Mohammad is back on a voluntary basis.

So now that Dawn, Chris and Mohammad have been readmitted the Psych ward isn’t that empty anymore. It seems that no matter how long a patient stays in the Psych Ward and is released after their mental condition has been deemed stabilized. They are eventually readmitted whether it is a voluntary or involuntary basis. It is a vicious cycle.

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  1. Seems to me the world is one big psychiatric prison full of disordered minds all with the power to be free but choosing to be prisoners . They repeat their follies just like your patients do .. Ever learning but never coming to self knowlege of universe .

    Groundhog day – a vicious cycle .


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