When Dawn was admitted to the Psych Ward a couple of weeks ago, all that she talked about was her Daughter getting married. She spoke about how nice her Daughter’s future husband is and she is looking forward to meeting her future Son In Law’s family at the wedding. Dawn’s condition was stabilized and she was discharged a couple of days ago. Dawn was so excited that she got discharged in time for her to attend the wedding.  But after two weeks Dawn was involuntary readmitted back to the Psych Ward.

Since the day Dawn came back she was crying; in between the bouts of crying fits, Dawn expressed what happened; she said “I was putting out my cigarettes on the wax plate, I thought it was an ashtray. I didn’t know it would have melted and made a mess. I only went to my mother’s apartment to get something to clean it up. Then my Daughter called the Police. I didn’t know…I didn’t know…..  “

So Dawn has been tell everyone who will listen that she went over to her elderly Mother’s apartment to get something to clean up the mess she made using a wax plate as an ashtray. Yet, it has been documented in her chart that Dawn went over to her Mother’s apartment and was arguing with her over money. The chart stated that Dawn’s Daughter called the Police after Dawn became aggressive, belligerent and posed a threat to her elderly Mother. Now she is having some type of psychotic delusion about causing a mess by using a wax plate as an ashtray. It wouldn’t surprise the treatment team that Dawn was probably putting out her cigarette on her elderly Mother. But the team definitely knew that Dawn was not taking her medication for a couple of days.

Now it’s Sunday the day of the wedding now Dawn starts to express anger. She is angry that her Daughter called the Police. She starts ranting how she hates her Daughter; she starts calling her Daughter a conniving and sneaky Jap. She says her Daughter is ungrateful for all the stuff she did for her when she was a girl and how could she call Police on her own Mother. Then Dawn start to express that her Mother and Daughter is really going to sell her apartment to get rid of her ( Once Dawn start to think about the potential sale of her apartment, she begins to cry and express that they are selling the apartment and planned to keep her locked up in the Psych Ward permanently. Dawn also verbalize that she will prefer to rot in the streets rather then become a permanent patient in the Psych Ward.

What a wide range of emotions; Dawn paces up and down, feeling sorry for herself, felling despair, feeling confused, feeling anger, ranting and just talking on and on about her Mother and Daughter all day  even after her medication was given. It is a wonder that the Psych Ward staff did not sedate her.  The behavior is only complementing similar type of behaviors among other Psych Ward patients. Another patient Katy was also having delusional thoughts and she was also walking around ranting. Sometimes both Dawn and Katy would clash, having shouting matches which staff only making each one go to an opposite side of the ward. Ann Marie was crying saying that she misses her Mother. Ginger started her delusional ranting and was calling Nurse from India a killer was telling the Nurse that she is crazy and to keep away from her. Indeed the Psych Ward was restless.

Well one needs to put two and two together. Dawn’s Daughter did not want Dawn at the wedding. Dawn behaves erratically even after taking her medication. Dawn also has the habit to not take any medication and put herself and the people around her in all types of situation. Why would her Daughter ruin a day that should be one of the happiest moments of her life?

The dilemma for family who has members with mental health issues; include them in their lives and there is always some sort or turmoil, and instability. Hench, many mentally ill people’s family abandons them or neglects them from being part of family life. They either cannot handle the stress, or do not want the aggravation. For family it is time consuming and it is emotionally draining and the mentally ill person would never truly lead an independent life.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing this, it helps to give people a small glimpse of what life is like for some people who suffer from mental disorders, and their families and others around them who have to deal with them regularly.

    It can be rough sometimes, and it can last a lifetime.

    -John Jr


  2. George, I just found you through Gastrodamus and I’m very happy that I did. This is such an acute overview of just a snapshot of the issues surrounding mental illness. I need to read more. I have therefore followed your blog and look forward greatly to reading more. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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