State Sponsored Therapy


If someone who has never been in a Psych Ward were to make a visit they would get the impression that there is nothing going on except for the patients walking around like zombies and that staff is uncaring and look the other way leaving patients to fend for themselves. But the reality of the matter is that there is some type of organization. Patients are not left to fend for themselves; after all mentally ill people are dependents and cannot truly function without support whether that support is direct or indirect.

The programmed scheduled time remains the same seven days a week. In the morning after the patients do their personal hygiene they are taken to breakfast. After they return around nine O’clock the medication is administered. During the administering of the medication it is the most stressful part of the day for most patients. After the administering of the medication it seems no one is in a sociable mood after that process is completed. During the week those who have appointments outside the Psych Ward are escorted by one of the Psych Ward staff to their respective appointment. They get chauffeured to and from the appointment in a van; complements of the State’s Office of Mental Health (OMH).  While the others patients attend their various therapy programs within the Psych Ward’s grounds.

The programs and the content which the therapists use are all dictated by the State. The material that the therapist use comes directly from a state published work book. It is from a manual called the “wellness self-management treatment.”  WSM FINAL WORKBOOK The manual covers all the subjects that the Psych Ward uses to provide the group treatment programs that the facility runs every day. In essence whatever focus group the patients attend is based on the information and outline that is in the manual. Likewise for individual therapy it is all covered in manuals that are state published.

On the weekend most of the patients return to their room. There are only a few of them in the common day area on Saturday, and on Sunday the day area is deserted. It is not a requirement that the patients engage in any activity on the weekends.  After lunch is when most of the patients leave their room and mingle around in the common day area. This is when the Interns to get patients involved in a recreation game. Without any structure or help from staff getting patients involved in a game creates the opportunity to gain rapport (  and to get any type of information. It is the kind of information that is not written in the patient’s charts. Patients will tell who is having conflict with who (; the patients observe how the staff behaves and they know how much they can get away with doing things against the Psych wards rules depending on which member of the staff is on duty.

Everything in the Psych Ward is state sponsored. The State owns the buildings, pays the staff, dictates how therapy is conducted, dictates the staff’s code of conduct, dictates the conditions of patient admittance and discharge, dictates when visitors are allowed to come and what they can bring (, the state even dictates the entire schedule. The saying is if gov’t has a hand in things they always mess things up. It is a wonder that the state does not truly provide for the needs of the mentally ill. The state run programs just scratch the surface and once there is a measure of stability the mentally ill person is cut lose without any type of support from the state for after care. 9 out of 10 times the mentally ill person is back in the Psych Ward at some point (

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  1. Ha, yeah, and I just read some story about this editor that was depressed (wrote for the NYT), then they say that people shouldn’t be afraid to admit being depressed/suicidal etc, they gotta be kidding. One of my relatives was in the psych ward (not NY) and it didn’t seem like they were really getting any “help”. I also read “Talking Back to Prozac” by Peter Breggin, and when someone commits homicide and/or suicide and they were on antidepressants (or statins), they NEVER mention those details in the news.
    Those drugs destroy peoples brains, at the very least they destroy neurotransmitters.

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