3 in One Night

three in one

On this particular night there were three different dreams, each of the dreams did not have a definite conclusion. The first and third dream had some reminisce of the past and the second represented a chapter in a chain of events that was happening at the job concerning sneaking in and out of the of the building undetected all presented by the subconscious in a distorted and questionable manner. Maybe one day I will get this analyzed….

Events of the first dream:

I was in a house the house resembled the one that I had lived in as a child. I was in the hallway; I was at the top of the staircase. Someone was at the front door. I see a figure that resembled my mother answering the door and was talking to the person at the door. I decided to do some dips. On the top of the staircase on the baluster there was a decoration ball. I started to do the dips with one hand with ease, I did a couple of dips with my right hand, then I changed hands and done some more dips with my left hand. I stopped and went into my room. The room was the same room with the same furniture as it appeared when I was living in that house as a child. I looked at my left arm in the dressing table’s mirror. I saw my biceps on my left arm grow it grow to the size that I had envisioned it to be some time in the past. Then the growth had slid down my arm to my forearm. I slide it back to the bicep area. Then it came off; I actually had the growth in my hands.  My left arm now looked smaller then my right arm, the two-looked un-proportion. The growth was soft, then it hardened, I banged it and it had split into two. I could not identify what was inside the growth…..

The events of the second dream of the night started.. .

I was at work; I wanted to get onto a building after hours. So I decided to create an illegal entrance for myself. I had taken the screws off a secured window. I loosened the window screen, then I put back the window in place and reentered the screws so that all I had to bring  a screwdriver to take the screws off when I came back during the night. A co- worker of mine saw what I was doing, and she went to tell the teachers as to what I had done. The co-worker was Ms. V. I went over to her and said if she interferes with my activity, I will make sure that she will not be able to carry out her activities. Ms. V was a lady who always has tricks up her sleeve. I took her phone and cut the phone line. I decide to create a second illegal entrance. This one more effective than the first and have it ready just in case the other one gets discovered. I took the screws out of the window and removed the window screen inside, this time when I put back the window I did not put the screws back in. I just made it look like nobody tampered with the window; also I made sure that nobody knew what I was doing…..

A third dream came up, but this one is hard to remember. I was taking a course at my Alma Mata college. It was a higher science course. It was with the only Chinese Professor in the University’s black college Dr. Chow. I saw that I only had to take three more courses in higher science to get a degree in science. The courses were the highest level of science offered in the college. It didn’t matter that I had not done mathematics for a while, that I would be able to negotiate the math problem that had risen I saw myself in the classroom going through one of the courses…..

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  1. Hello True George,

    Wow, that part in the first dream with the growth on your arm was a bit nasty and disturbing, did that bother you at all in the dream and did it hurt or feel strange?

    Thank you for sharing your dreams,
    -John Jr


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