Losing Teeth


From what I have read a dream of losing teeth could be a representation of anxiety, a costly decision, a radical change or starting a new project or phase in one’s life. I don’t know where all this fits with me….?

This dream begins:

I was in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, I put my hand in my mouth, because a tooth on the upper right side of my mouth was loose. When I shook it a row of three teeth came out. Those teeth represented all the upper teeth on the right side of my mouth, because when the row of three teeth came out there are no teeth left on that side. I did not make any sense of this because along with those teeth, my partial denture broke into two pieces; the right side was taken out along with those teeth, which I found it strange because the partial denture is located on the bottom of my mouth not the top. I still had the other half in my mouth where it was supposed to be. With the absent of the right side the metal where it had broken off was sticking me in the gum. I called the dentist’s office for an appointment so that I could have the denture repaired. I saw that the Dentist’s office was at the end of a long hallway with a black floor. I then saw the dentist’s chair, the rest of the dream I could not make sense of it. I know that there was a conflict; there were two dentists that I go too for treatment. I know I was wondering which dentist to go to, but could not make up my mind. The other office was downtown. I do not know whose office I was in when I saw the dentist’s chair…..

Anyone who knows me knows that anxiety is not an issue with me. I’ve been told that I am an relaxed individual and sometimes too relaxed as though nothing phases me.

Making costly decisions well if you count what I do as a gov’t bureaucrat whether to dispense tax money to someone may or may not be a costly decision; that is to the intended recipient of the money. But personally the decision won’t be costly to me because I do not benefit or receive any bonus whether I decide to dispense tax dollars to an intended recipient or not.

Yeah, I had lots of personal projects but nothing got off the ground it was mostly due to the lack of effort or some stupid decision made by a business partner; maybe a story for another time……

But I can tell ya, that in the real world because I received bad advice from a Dentist who ended up removing the two rear bottom teeth on the left side of my mouth leaving a gap which resulted in the top rear teeth slowly moving down into that gap, because there was no bottom teeth to oppose them. Another Dentist attempted to stop the movement by giving me a partial denture. But I got rid of that partial dental because it was slowly destroying the teeth it was hooked too. Another Dentist suggested I didn’t need them anyway, why do I run into Dentist’s who gives bad advice. . But as time went on three different dentists a military Dentist, a Veterans Affairs Dentist and Civilian Dentist agree that I will be losing my upper top rear teeth because it will not stop moving down because there is nothing opposing it. Well the problem was resolved when I had surgery to move those teeth back up and put implants in the space so the teeth will not move down.

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    • The implants took ok they feel like real teeth. You shouldn’t have any problems as long as the Dentist placed them correctly and you have the bone structure. If you can do it go for it you gonna like the end results….

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  1. True George –

    your post caught my attention because I’ve had many dreams where I lose one or all of my teeth.

    I’ve read that losing teeth in a dream can also have something to do with ‘losing face’. Being concerned about how others may perceive you. This could be in general or related to a particular incident near when the dream occurred.

    I don’t know if that theory is true for my teeth losing dreams or not, but I do know in my past dreams I was always concerned about what I would do and how it would look being toothless. Also my dream mind would chastise me for eating too much sugar. For the past few years though, when I have that dream now, I just think ‘oh well, things happen. People lose teeth all the time.’ my Waking self was very happy with this progress the first time it happened. The change in attitude may be more related to getting older than anything though, who knows

    Thanks for sharing

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  2. Hello True George,

    That is a lot of teeth to lose at one time, ouch, did it hurt in the dream or could you feel it at all?

    I had some bad dentist experiences in real life as well, I lost two teeth because of one of those dentists, and so there are just two empty spaces there now; hopefully you did not lose too much money during your bad experiences, dentist work can be expensive.

    Here is what one dream dictionary has to say about teeth:


    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr


    • Thanks.
      I have teeth implants in the empty space. But before the implants could be done I had surgery that pushed the two upper teeth back in place. While I was on the operating table the Surgeon said that they took the liberty to correct an over bite and to straighten out all my teeth. Now my teeth look perfect.

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      • You are welcome True George.

        Great, you are very fortunate, I imagine that all of my savings and checking account combine would not be enough to pay for all of that work. 😀

        I am fortunate that both of my missing teeth line up on both sides of my mouth and they are in spots that are not as noticeable, the number 5 and the number 12 teeth, which are on the upper part of my mouth.

        I do not want to lose any more teeth like that again so I got a new dentist and I get dental checks every 6 months now, and I follow the recommended brushing and flossing guidelines.

        So far so good since then (beside needing fillings of course), except for a minor chipped tooth from a bullet, and other minor chipped tooth from a good quality silver fork from a college culinary department. 😀

        -John Jr

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