Mike The Blood

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One of the interns Joe often sits down and has informal talks with the patients in the Psych ward. Joe has a personal interest in getting to know each patient outside of what is written in their charts. This way the patients may develop the feelings that Joe generally cares about their welfare and is more liable to open up and express themselves during a group or individual counseling session, or if anything is on their mind, their thoughts, ideas and even their life’s philosophy. Yes, it is hard to believe that mentally ill people who have schizophrenia, unrealistic and psychotic delusions have any philosophy concept. Yet many of them do. One needs to understand that some mental illness is a development, it may come to some early in life, or later in life, or as a result of head trauma, or an unpleasant experienced; whether that experience is real or imagined. The medical community has not pin pointed the causes but there are lots of theories out there which actually holds water if one should study it….

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