In Debt



During the past two weeks it was observed that Dawn was not has talkative or was not walking around as she usually does. Perhaps this is attributed to change in her medication, she was given a stronger dosage. She was also restricted to calling her mother two times a day ( However she continues to make erratic decisions, and have unreal expectations.

Dawn offered the Intern a piece of her sandwich, the intern thanked her and told her that he cannot take it. However Dawn broke the sandwich in two and put it on the table (unsanitary) and said please take it. The Intern didn’t want to hurt her feelings and at the same time didn’t want to take anything from Dawn. So the Intern put the sandwich in the plastic bag and told Dawn that he’ll eat it later. Shortly afterwards  Dawn approached the Intern again and offered him her half eaten pudding. The Intern told Dawn to leave it on the table with the sandwich; The Intern planned to discard the sandwich and half eaten pudding later. However while the Intern was interacting with another patient, Dawn retrieved the sandwich and the half eaten pudding and ate them. But, shortly during the fresh air period, Dawn approached the Intern again, this time she offered to buy the Intern a soda. The Intern found some excuse not to accept the offer. However the Intern became a bit apprehensive about Dawn’s behavior. The Intern mentioned what Dawn was doing to one of the staff and wondered if Dawn can afford to buy people sodas?  The staff member stated that Dawn can afford it, and that Dawn brought her a soda one day and then the next day Dawn came to her and told her that she owes her for buying her the soda. Then the light bulb went off in the Intern’s head. Ahhhh now the Intern understands. Dawn would offer someone something then she would consider that the person who she gave something too was in her debt and will seek to collect the debt. She would bully the person and will often get more from the person then she gave. One can’t help to think how many more Psych Ward patients are shaking down their follow patients, staff or even naïve Interns.

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  1. Debt huh? Wow. Well, I suppose in the case of patients in a psych ward, my assumptions and expectations are altered and quelled. I must be patient with Dawn. Although, I suppose that would become irritating after a while. Not sure how I would fare in this scenario. Perhaps I would react like the Intern did… Who knows?

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