Chris’s Faith


At the request of Chris, the intern got some literature on Elijah Muhammad. The intern figured that if he brought in the information on Elijah Muhammad he can engage Chris in some sort of discussion.  At least Chris is one of the few patients in the Psych Ward that will sit down and discuss some sort of topic. Once the intern sat down with Chris and started to go over aspects of Elijah Muhammad’s life; it wasn’t long before Chris started to reveal some aspect of his own life experience. Of all the things that Chris mentioned what was consistence  Chris’s life story is that him and his brother were adopted, and that the family who adopted him was Muslim.  However, because of Chris’s mental condition he was not focused on any one period of his life; he was jumping from one period to another with gaps between them. At one point, he asked the Intern when did he convert to Islam? The Intern told him that he is not a Muslim and that what he knows about Islam is based on the material that he researches. Then Chris asked why do you carry the Quran around? The Intern explained, I also read the Torah and Bible and have electronic copies of them on my phone. Chris said I thought you were Muslim because of your beard. The intern said, Now Chris, please understand that there are common aspects to Islam, Christianity and Judaism and that having a beard is one of them.

All of a sudden Chris started to shift his focus from talking about his life to talking about the situation that happened with Mike ( Chris felt that it was his fault that Mike became aggressive, and felt he guilty when the staff held Mike down, gave him an injection and took him away. The Intern asked him how is it that you feel it is your fault?  Chris stated that before the incident me and Mike were engaging in a Salah (Arabic for prayer).  Jordon stated he thought he felt a connection with Mike while they prayed together. Then shortly after that the incident with Mike and the staff took place.

The Intern assured Chris that what took place with Mike was not his fault and that Mike has a history of behaving the way he behaves, and that Mike has many things going on in his mind that has nothing to do with engaging in the Salah.  Chris gave some insight to the incident; it seems that Mike had some built-up resentment towards one of the Doctors. Chris revealed that Mike discussed it with him on one occasion. However, the Intern attempted to make Chris become aware that the only person that can fully explain Mike’s actions is Mike.

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    • Yep, when you see them with beards their women wear clothing to cover up their asserts and cover their hair.
      That patient is beyond help…..
      If I told you whether the Psych Ward Chronicles is fact or fiction I would have to kill you…
      Thanks for reading and committing and I’ll be there to visit Queen Kong….

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