MK Ultra-Kanye

              With all this controversy surrounding Kanye West and his rantings, True_George recently came across a video throwing in their 2 cents on the matter.

Well what got True_George’s attention on this video, was the title, “Kanye West Confirms MKULTRA in the Music Industry.”

Given that the MKULTRA was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) program that was instituted in 1953 and ended in 1973. The program was exposed to the public in 1975. Documents did provide evidence that the MKULTRA was involved in widespread practices supplying Lysergic acid and diethylamide (LSD) and the use of psychedelics to patrons of attending concerts of certain musical bands, perhaps supplying the drugs to the musicians themselves, among other activities and experimentation; otherwise, there were no documentation as to taking control of the business side of the music industry. Anyway, Kanye did a lot of ranting, but True_George did not hear Kanye mention anything about MKULTRA.

Well this video starts off by summarizing the events that led to Kanye being ostracized and being dropped by his recording label and losing business contracts. In essence becoming a victim of cancel culture.

The video claims that there were a series of text messages between Kanye and one of his handlers, suggesting that he is under the control of Hollywood handlers and MKULTRA. The alleged text messages shows that Kanye’s personal trainer/handler told him if he didn’t sit down hand have a discussion concerning his actions, that he will be institutionalized and put in a zombie like state.    

The video seem to think that this concern was his most honest accusation, and draws a comparison to Brittney Spears situation.

Brittney Spears! Well, we are aware that Brittney Spears situation was different. The reasons why she was put under a conservatorship. It all had to do with her mental capacity. Brittney is mentally ill, and her mental health condition did not appear overnight. She had that mental condition since childhood. Her talent was exploited from day one. Her family had always had a hand in the direction of her career. It’s just that they didn’t have legal control of the finances; but that was made possible when Brittney started to mismanage herself, and her business finances during a period of time when she was having a mental state crisis.    

The opportunity to take over her business finances presented itself and she was put under conservatorship by her handlers. With her father put in charge. Perhaps, in the beginning, her father probably had some genuine concern of Britney’s welfare. But when it comes to conservatorship, if it goes on too long, it most likely will end up being abused.  This is what happened in Brittney’s case, and it also happens to regular folks.

As we know, Kanye also has some type of mental health condition; and yes, he was hospitalized over it. How many times is unknown, but I’m sure some sort of record exists out there that has it documented.

The Video alleged that the use of MKULTRA is being used by the musical industry and that Kanye revealed that he is clearly a victim. That the industry wants to put him back under control, and back on their agenda.

The video suggest that Kanye begins to explain the process of what they do to keep people quiet, the video also suggested that things can be compartmentalize before it bleeds out into everything else. In kanye’s situation, the puppet stiches are being un done.

Does Kanye’s rantings sound like a paranoid delusion? Paranoia is a symptom of mental illness, a need to provide treatment or for those who are already on medication, to have the medication adjusted. Or is there any truth to this accusation?

Whether there is any truth to Kanye’s position, his ranting does not help his case. Kanye has been attacking other celebrities, and most recently the Minister Louis Farrakhan, who incidentally showed some sort of support on his position.

Take note that constantly attacking people, and showing signs of paranoia is a symptom of being mentally ill.     

The video mentions about Adidas canceling the business contract, that the move was done to take away the resources that Kanye can use as leverage. It is inconceivable that a company would server a billion-dollar contract spontaneously. True_George wonders if the cancellation of the contract was something that was brewing long before Kanye’s ranting started. That Adidas saw an opportunity to sever ties.

Yes, in as much as the Ye brand accounted for more than two billion dollars in sales for Adidas; it’s doubtful that the company executives care. The company existed before Kanye was born, and they will continue on.

Right now, with Adidas canceling the contract and the loss of other endorsements, and sponsorships. Kanye is no longer a billionaire. Is this shocking? True_George says this isn’t shocking at all.

How many Billionaires or Millionaires have lost their billionaire or millionaire status and bounce back to gain back the billions and more. You’d be surprised who is on that list. Hell, even Donald Trump is on that list. So, it happens. Kanye lost a considerable amount of money that he is no longer a billionaire is just a setback, one that he is likely to bounce back from. If he doesn’t fall apart.

In the scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what Kanye says, it just shows that he needs to pay attention to his mental health and get those meds adjusted. Otherwise, he may just end up in the Psych Ward until he is stabilized.

As far as being canceled and losing his billionaire status. It will blow over after a period of time. This period will test Kanye’s resilience.

As far as MKULTRA is concerned. Even though that program has ended, the implications is far reaching. True_George won’t be too surprised if the techniques developed under MKULTRA is being practiced on unsuspected people. But to say that the program still exists, hard evidence should be provided, not just because people feels that the program is still around.


    • In a sense it was very sinister.
      It not just included experiements with LSD and other mind-altering drugs, it included psychic studies, remote viewing and hypnosis experiments, and means of programming a human being to do things on command, aka a Manchurian Candidate. now understand. this was the U.S version. The Soviet Union also had a similar program going on. Declassified Soviet documents revealed that the KGB was doing something similar under the “Psychotronic” program. Both the CIA and KGB were very interested in parapsychology. Now I’m hearing that the MOSSAD has something similar going on…
      I know you heard of the movie “Firestarter” with Kurt Russell and Drew Barrymore when she was six. It was based on one of those experiments, with the girl born with her fire starting abilities. There was another movie done in the 70’s with Kirk Douglas, I don’t remember what the name of the movie. There were other movies also….

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  1. Hello True George,

    I am glad that you were more logical in your thoughts on this.

    I think that Kayne West is mentally ill and needs help.

    I think that he mostly got himself in trouble, and that this is not some kind of grand MKUltra conspiracy, but is a case of normal social / business / cultural / religious / et cetera issues / consequences as culture et cetera moves in a slightly different direction.

    Some people can not get away with some things now-a-days like they used to, as cultures et cetera shift.

    He needs to get proper help and stay away from social media, et cetera until he gets himself stabilized et cetera, and life moving in a more balanced positive direction; in my opinion.

    I do wonder if MKUltra really completely ended or not, back when they alleged that it did.

    I wish that we knew more of what was done and the results of that, but at least some of us know that it actually happened.

    I wonder how many other things past, present, and future are going on that we do not know about.

    I am still curious about the UFO / UAP phenomenon, I want to know who or what has this assumed super technology and / or whatever, and why some of this is not being shared with the world for peaceful purposes.


    • Thanks, I had to ponder the approach, given that if the critique was worded a certain way, people would be offended. Nowadays people are hyper sensitive, but those who have cooler heads always prevail.
      Yes, I totally agree that Kanye is mentally ill, all those yes men around him isn’t helping him manage his mental health. At least when he was married to Kim Kardashian she was helping him, now he has no one looking out for his mental welfare.
      Officially, the MK Ultra program was ended a long time ago, but like a tree it bared fruit. Meaning that the techniques, and manner how the MK Ultra was administrated may be in use within other programs. In a sense one can use the phrase that MK Ultra has not ended.
      The public will never know the extent of what was done within the MK Ultra program, well not until the documents that were kept classified are released. It won’t happen in our lifetime.
      I think that changing UFO to UAP is the gov’ts latest attempt to cover up the existence of extraterrestrial aircraft by renaming the Accuromm.
      Technology acquired will be gradually released, the public will have to be ready to accept new things, if not most will reject the new technology no matter how good it is.


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