Dog Piss

              While at the gov’t building where I make the daily living as a supervising gov’t bureaucrat, I wasn’t feeling too well. I felt nauseated, with a stomach ache, had the urge to throw up and occasionally going to the bathroom. This condition suddenly emerged in the afternoon, and was progressing getting worse, with the stomach ache feeling more like pain, and the feeling of being cold as if I was losing body heat, and a slight headache emerged.

Despite how I felt, I managed to make it through the day. I guess the soldier in me is still prevailing, still driving on in the face of physical discomfort. But at this point in life, it is unnecessary, its not like back in the day where I would have a fever and still be at work, or even do a three-mile run. I don’t have the strength as I used too, I  can no longer ignore any aliments no matter how slight it may be. Right now, I have accumulated almost two thousand hours of sick leave, it is about time I start to utilize my sick leave more often. Before I left the gov’t office at the end of the work day, I gave notice that I wasn’t feeling very well and will take a couple of sick days.

When I walked to the parking garage to get the car, I had to take a little rest before driving back home. I decided to go to bed early, but not before watching an episode of Star Trek deep space 9. I mean what little of it I actually watched since I was half asleep and only remembering seeing bits and pieces of the show.

I went to bed, don’t know how long it took for me to sleep, all I know was that I was in bed, and I saw what was some sort of television monitor. The screen was white, or light coming from the screen, and I saw images.

Perhaps I was watching something I cannot be sure, then the next thing I saw was that the monitor disappeared. The room was dark as it should be.

Then I felt a familiar presence, the feeling felt like my older brother P came in the room. He said that he is going to stay for a few days. He put his stuff down, and I felt that another bed was being set up before P left to go somewhere.

Then I heard a knock on the door. It was a rugged broad-shouldered man with a moustache similar to Teddy Roosevelt’s, wearing a Cowboy jacket like the one you see General Custer wore in the movies. He said that he was investigating P, that he had some type of Police authority, or was a detective. He demanded to be let in so that he could conduct his investigation.

I reluctantly let him in and he started to look around. I can’t remember what type of questions he was asking. I had questions too but before I could ask them, he let in two dogs. The dogs looked menacing, I didn’t particularly want the dogs there, but this investigator insisted. He had the dogs sniff around looking for P.      

Then there was another knock on the door, when I opened it, there was another familiar presence. It felt like my mother. She came to see what was happening. Don’t know how she detected that there was some sort of problem. I told her what was happening. While I was talking to this mother presence, I saw one of the dogs with his hind legs up taking a piss.

I got mad, I was offended that the investigator’s dog was pissing in the apartment. I kicked the dog, and told the investigator how dare he made the dog piss in the hallway. Then I told the investigator to take the dogs and get the fuck out of my apartment.   

The investigator did not argue, he just took the dogs and left without putting up a protest. I went to each room where the dogs were to see if they pissed anywhere else in the apartment. I found at least two spots where they pissed, and cleaned it up.

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