The Parade

I just want to ponder the meaning of this dream experience that True_George experienced the other day.

I saw that there was a big parade, it looked like it was a military one. But the setting looked like a small town. Perhaps some marching bands were involved.

I observed a military Honor Guard marching in front of the parade. The American flag was held high by the personal in the middle, with a person on left and right side marching with a polished M1 rifle at right shoulder arms.  Nothing unusual.

 Then there were the parade marchers who were a couple of feet behind the Honor Guard. But to my surprise the marchers were human sized geese, or ducks. They were spread out as they were in a marching band formation and marching in unison without instruments.

Animals marching in unison was something I’ve seen while in the countryside of Iraq. I would see a farmer put a huge bell on the lead animal. The lead animal would often be a goat, sometimes a cow. While the lead animal with the huge bell walked ahead, all the other animals would unquestionably follow the lead animal.

In this parade the formation was like a marching band’s formation, they were moving, when suddenly someone threw what resembled a car tire into the formation.

The car tire came down hit the human size duck who was located at the front right side of the formation in the head. The duck fell down because when the tire landed on the it head, it broke its neck.

When the duck that got hit with the tire fell down, the entire formation stopped and they also fell down, the military Honor Guard continued to march on as if nothing happened.

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