psych ward love II

In the Psychiatric ward it is not like the patients are under watch 24/7 even though they are supposed to be. Unless the staff take a particular interest and take control of the ward then the patients have the run of the place. In New York State, the psychiatric institutions are Male and Female integrated. So this story starts….



  1. Interesting…but there are few things that hinder the sexual nature of human beings. Lots of ppl just assume sex doesnt happen in institutions such as the one your blog is abt. Literally everyone is partaking whether they should be or not, whether you expect them to or not.

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    • Exactly; when you have both sexes cohabiting in the same institution men and women will do what they do…..the kicker is as long as it’s patient on patient sexual activity it is tolerated on a certain level; staff on staff as long as it it doesn’t interfere with business no one cares; but if it is staff on patient it is unacceptable and the staff member will be charged with 3rd degree rape. It is considered that inpatient mentally ill do not have the capacity to consent to have sexual relations…


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