psych ward love II


In the Psychiatric ward it is not like the patients are under watch 24/7 even though they are supposed to be. Unless the staff take a particular interest and take control of the ward then the patients have the run of the place. In New York State, the psychiatric institutions are Male and Female integrated. So this story starts….

Kevin is spending a considerable amount of time speaking to Pam. Staff need to pay attention to this because Kevin has a habit of soliciting the female patients to have sex. He is probably taking advantage of Pam. Being aware of this the therapist gestured to Kevin to come and play some cards in a game that the therapist was organizing. Kevin who is always a participant in the card games declined to participate. Perhaps Mike probably has some insight into the unspoken actions that the patients engage in. The therapist casually mentioned to Mike, “I see that Kevin is trying to get know Pam.” Mike responded “Pam is game, and Kevin should have fucked her already.”

Mike also said that” During the week Pam comes to my room and gives me pussy.” Mike said that his roommate Dave occasionally walks in on him and Pam while they are having sex. When he does Pam sucks and fucks the both of them. How could this be? How was Pam able to go to Mike’s room when the staff could see everything from the desk?  Mike explained that when Marcus the aide on the night shift is on duty, he doesn’t care what goes on between patients. He is sure that Marcus sees when Pam enters his room or sometimes they enter the room together. Instead of saying something, he turns the other way. Mike also said that since he arrived to the unit he has been fucking Ann-Marie. He also added that Dawn has been sucking dicks in exchange for cigarettes. One patient in particular Richard (youngest male patient) has been getting more head from Dawn than anyone else. This is because he has an abundance of contraband cigarettes and gets head from Dawn each time she wants one.

It is was hard to believe that so much sexual activity is going on between patients who are there because of some type of psychiatric issue. All of it going on under the nose of the staff.  Yet, Mike’s chart confirms that he has had a history of being caught engaging in sexual activities at other psychiatry institutions during his years in the system. It is a wonder that Mike has enough trust in the therapist to speak so freely about his activities in the unit. Or he just doesn’t give a shit.

Mike has been in and out of Psychiatric Institutions since his childhood. It was unfortunate that Mike was born addicted to crack and his Psychiatric issues developed early in life. In his stay at the last Psychiatric Institution he was arrested because a Nurse reported that he groped her breast and rubbed his genitals on her. Mike had to spend a couple of months in Prison because of it. He came directly to the unit when he was released from Riker’s Island.

Pam is from the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. At one point she was married, it ended up in divorce because of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband. Probably her Psychiatric issues started to manifest during the marriage. Pam is usually a quiet person but when she gets upset or has a disagreement with a staff member over treatment options, she starts hitting staff. She had breast cancer which resulted in one of her breast being removed. When it is time for her chemotherapy she gets upset and wants to fight staff.  Pam’s chart specifically points out that she is pre-occupied with sex.


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  1. Interesting…but there are few things that hinder the sexual nature of human beings. Lots of ppl just assume sex doesnt happen in institutions such as the one your blog is abt. Literally everyone is partaking whether they should be or not, whether you expect them to or not.

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    • Exactly; when you have both sexes cohabiting in the same institution men and women will do what they do…..the kicker is as long as it’s patient on patient sexual activity it is tolerated on a certain level; staff on staff as long as it it doesn’t interfere with business no one cares; but if it is staff on patient it is unacceptable and the staff member will be charged with 3rd degree rape. It is considered that inpatient mentally ill do not have the capacity to consent to have sexual relations…


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