Cesspool of Corruption


What some people do to make a living may put them in a position that determines the fate of others. Most often it is the public-sector jobs, after all public-sector positions comes with delegated authority to do the bidding of the government. Some people working for government as civil servants take that implied power and they use it to benefit their own agenda. The public gets shaken down and have to put out to get the services that the government gives for free.

Not that members of the public are innocent in the game of getting free government benefits. Most of the time they lie and give false information. Yet, eventually the civil servant that sees the differences of what the person says and what their legal documents verifies. This makes it an opportunity for the corrupted civil servant to extract whatever they want, be it money, drugs, favors, sex. It’s not like what’s going on in Hollywood, or women’s prisons participants are seduced rather than coerced.

Sam is one of those dedicated civil servants, a good worker stationed in what is described as a cesspool of corruption. The cesspool has turned many a good civil servant into a corrupted official; Sam was no exception. Sam’s weakness was women; and in his position, he interacts with lots of women and some of them exceptional beautiful that he would never meet and get to talk too if he wasn’t a civil servant. But since Sam was not a deceitful person by nature, his moves to be corrupt was crude; no polish very sloppy. How he gets over is beyond logic?

Everyone has their day, and Sam’s day came when he came across Norma. Sam took a liking to Norma and he decided that he wants her in every way. Sam’s crude attempts to shakedown Norma for some pussy was unsuccessful. She keeps on telling him that she has a boyfriend, it’s a wonder that she did not report what Sam was doing. The more Norma turned down Sam’s advances the more Sam keeps on thinking about her and what she Prefers. Until one day, Sam’s patience ran out, perhaps he was doing this wrong. But since Sam was an average frustrated chump he did what any chump will do when it comes to women. If an average frustrated chump doesn’t bully a woman for the vajayjay; they will beg the woman for a piece and if that don’t work they will buy it.

Sam was on his last leg he tried bullying using his position to withhold government services from Norma; but when Sam took a day off she was slick and went to his Supervisor and got the government services turned back on again. Then Sam started to pour out his heart to Norma and beg her for a piece; Norma still didn’t budge. So now Sam has resorted to buying. Sam thought that if he offers her $100.00 she’ll go for it. It looks like Sam was right for a change. Norma was hard up for some dough and she was willing to put out to get some chump change from an average frustrated chump.

So, the date was made, Norma will spend the afternoon with Sam and Sam will give her the money after he gets some honey. Norma got in Sam’s car and as Sam drove her back to his place; Sam should have known that it was not a wise choice to bring home someone without vetting their character, he should have taken her to a hotel.  On the way home Sam got a feeling that he is being followed. Sam mentioned it to Norma, and she tells him that he is just being silly and asks why on earth would anyone be following them. What Sam didn’t know was that Norma was the conniving type of woman that you can’t trust. She told her boyfriend how much of a chump Sam was and they planned to rob him. The plan would have gone well if Sam would have taken Norma to the cheap hotel near the government office where his colleges take the women they shake down for some head or a one-night stance in exchange for something the government gives out. Norma’s boyfriend was supposed to follow them, kick the door in and rob him and make sure he flees in Sam’s brand-new BMW. But it was unexpected that Sam would take her back to his place instead. It was in another Borough and it looks like Sam noticed that Norma’s boyfriend’s tailing him. Sam was a good driver and loses Norma’s boyfriend.

Now Norma and Sam arrived at Sam’s place and wasted no time before they were in the bed doing the wild thing. While they were doing the wild thing, Norma’s boyfriend was still driving around looking for Sam’s car. The boyfriend decided to check his T-mobile cell phone tracking app. The app tracked Norma’s cell phone and pin pointed the location of Norma’s cell phone. Which gave away the address to Sam’s place.  While boyfriend was on his way, Sam and Nora finished their romp and Sam gave Norma the money. It turned out that Norma enjoyed the sex and she thought that Sam isn’t a bad guy after all. Maybe she will call on him when she needs some extra money or she gives him her number and they make some type of arrangement that allows him to call her when he is horney. Sam is elated that things worked out for him, he got the girl; Sam calls a cab and paid for it to take Norma home.

Norma in her ecstasy or maybe she was just a selfish bitch either forgot, neglected or she didn’t give a shit to call her boyfriend and to call off the robbery. By the time her boyfriend got to Sam’s place Norma was long gone. The boyfriend didn’t check the app to see that Norma was on the move. The boyfriend was not alone when he arrived at Sam’s place. On the way he picks up a couple of friends. They busted into Sam’s place, held Sam hostage and started to rummage through the pad for valuables. Sam said, hold on don’t wreck my place I’ll give you my valuables. They let Sam go to his closet for the valuables; instead Sam pulls out his 9mm and tells them to get on the ground. He calls the Police; it’s been 20 minutes and the Police have not arrived. Unknowingly the Boyfriend left someone outside of Sam’s place to look out and when the Cops arrived she spoke to the Cops and pretended that the call was a mistake. We all know that some Cops are dumb as rocks and theses Cops brought the story and left. When Sam looked and saw the Cops leaving; he shouted: “hey..motherfuckers.. come back …” the Cops ignored him and went on their merry way. Sam got pissed off so he shot a killed the home invaders and the lookout girl.

©2017 All Rights Reserved


  1. CPS is definitely a cesspool of corruption. Lying, falsifying documents, giving false statements in court.
    Their purpose was to unify the family unit. However, with the government rewarding them to adopt the children out, guess what, they will do anything to remove parental rights so they can put them up for adoption often accepting money or favors for blonde-haired,blue-eyed children.
    Nothing is being dine to stop this organization from destroying families.
    I know it runs rampant in west Texas and many other locations. They need to be sued as a whole and individually.
    No one is strong enough to take them on and expose the corruption. They have unbelievable power. You are guilty until proven innocent. They do not have to abide by our constitutional rights.

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    • Yes, I have observed the same thing and it is going on in NYC. Workers have too much to handle so they make false reports which often lead to the deaths of children.
      Foster care agencies make sure families are separated placing children in abusive foster homes. Many of those children were removed from their parents on baseless allegations and in turn really get abused when in foster care. Then they cover it up.
      On a whole there is corruption in every gov’t agency at some level agency……


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