Creepy Photos of the Famous


   Happy Halloween or All Hollows Eve; remember when I introduce or should I say re-introduced a forgotten tradition of post mortem photography. Yeah it was kind of creepy, I even felt a twinge in my spine when I was looking at those photos. When I looked at today’s daily prompt word “Ghoulish;” I was thinking what would top the creepy photography of post mortem photos. The answer I came up with is post mortem photos of famous people.

When I was going through and looking at the photos of celebrities who were at the top of their fields whether they moved and inspired people;  some of them were very attractive and handsome; and others use them as a standard to accomplishing goals because of what these celebrities accomplished in life. To see post mortem photos of these celebrities will send chills up your spine like it did mine. Even the famous ones who did criminal acts.

It’s a good thing that others made videos out of this because I did not want to put any celebrity post mortem photos in my word press media files. I just hope you don’t find it tasteless, but remember at the end of the day whether the celebrity was rich, famous, criminal, entertainer, political figure, sports star. They were human beings like you and I and were not above reproach.





  1. Hello True George,

    I am glad that you put that little disclaimer, and I think that you made a wise decision by using videos instead of directly posting the images.

    The image of Benito Mussolini caught my attention, I am not sure if I seen that before, I obviously heard of him before in history class but I do not think that we really learned anything about him and so I did not even know about how he had died et cetera; and so I had to pause the video, and read about his death on Wikipedia.

    -John Jr

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