Golden Fish



I had this experience on the same night after attending a Primerica meeting.

I had dreamed that I was in a meeting. There was a group of us sitting or standing in a circle, there was a presentation going on, there were some numbers names were being written on an easel. The person who was conducting the meeting was saying how much money was being made in a three-six month span. The name of the person or company was listed and the amount of money made. The type of business that was represented was Real Estate; it seemed that a good deal of money was made within a short span of time. I saw myself talking to a woman, she was wearing a gold chain with a golden fish pendent and I was looking at the golden fish. Then the scene shifted to the easel, someone’s name was written and next to the name was $18,000. The person was number three on the list. That person was having a conversation with me, then he handed me a golden fish. The voice of the person doing the presentation was saying that a good amount of money was made within a short time. However the business that made the money was not the one that I am presently putting into motion, it was made from Real Estate, which I have not actively being engaged in for a while.

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  1. Hello True George,

    For a moment there I thought that you would end up talking to the golden fish that was given to you, and then I would have made a comment referencing The Fish Speakers ( from the Frank Herbert Dune books; but unfortunately that did not happen, and so I was not able to make that comment. 😀

    A golden fish sounds like an interesting symbol, I am not sure what that could symbolize though.

    I think that it is nice that you were able to remember some specific details like that.

    Thank you for sharing this dream,
    -John Jr

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    • Now that I’m re-writing what I wrote at the point in time when the dream occurred it seems that I didn’t really think about the interpretation. I never bothered to look up what the symbol represents. I took a quick glance on the web. There isn’t an interpretation of “golden fish” I could only find “gold fish.” I guess that my choice of words to use golden instead of gold, but it has the same meaning. Most of the meaning denotes success or happy life or a life of adventure. Islamic interpretation means a birth of a male child. If the fish comes from your mouth means speaking ill of women women; also means success, adventure….
      Most interpretation sources seem to have a variation of the common conditions of success, happiness, adventure, fulfillment, achieving goals, wealth……
      However interpretation sources mention seeing an actual gold fish. I saw a golden fish pendent not an actual fish. One thing that stood out was dreaming of gold may be an illumination of the higher self and spirituality……..this reason makes sense to me. I was getting in touch with the higher self, my dreams were so pro-found when I recorded them there was a lot of details….

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