I was watching the great Ross Jeffries being interviewed on a talk show, and while I was watching the show it wasn’t long before these images appeared in my head.

I saw a bathtub full of water, the water was dirty and full of debris. I saw myself and two other figures in the bathtub. I did not recognize who the other two figures that were there; we were fully clothed and not naked. The house began to shake; I got out of the tub to see why the house was shaking. I did not see why the house was shaking, but I did find out that somebody was looking for us and that agents were sent to find us. When the shaking stopped and the house was stable, I got back in the tub, and then the whole bathroom began to lean forward; the house started to collapse.

After the house collapsed and since the bathroom was on the top floor, the bath tub slide down and nobody was hurt. When we were outside, it was raining; I saw the agents that were looking for us coming, I sent the two figures that was in the tub with me to go ahead, while I put my head into the fallen debris to make it look like I perished. It is vague what happened next, but the agents went on to pursue the other two figures, and it looked as though they did not see me.

There was a shift of scenery, there was a courthouse, it resembled a lawmaker’s session behind closed doors. I was sitting in the back, and then there was some mention about a change in system, then I stood up and announced that someone is here and they don’t belong here; at the point that I stood up the person who doesn’t belong had a ray gun and he pointed it at the closed door and shot. When the door was hit the door split open like an open jacket, then the invading element (soldiers) started coming in. Before the invading element came in I moved to the left of the door way to make sure that I was not in the invading element’s way and that they could not see me. The identity of the invading element was not revealed in the dream.

There was another shift in scenery, this time there was woman who was in authority, she told me to go into her chambers, and once in the chambers she had closed the blinds and started to have sex with me.

There was a new scene it was a group of us in military uniform, the pursuers were closing in on us, so we made our escape; me and somebody else was left to distract the pursuers, while the others made their escape. I saw that we were hiding in a travel box, we were in a storehouse when I decide to get out because the pursuers were closing in. The person whom I was with was a smaller person, he remained undetected at his position, I had to go and find somewhere else to hide. I saw myself in a stair case, I had the ability to leap down the stairs, I was moving fast but the pursuers closed in.

Another shift in scenery, revealed an arena where the entertainment was fighting Gladiators, except for a few of us wanted to escape. An escape attempt was made; but the guards captured us, and security was reinforced. Then there was an idea of another attempt to escape after seeing an unguarded door; except the new escape attempt would have to be done during a performance because we had to cross the stage. We were successful in crossing the stage, we made it look like it was part of the performance, then when we were at the door. Suddenly some guards appeared, they did not know that we were not supposed to be where we were at the exit. Then there was a system wide alarm shutdown, I cannot recall if the guards went off to secure other areas, or when the exit door opened and no alarm sounded. The end result was that since there was an alarm shutdown, we walked out the door without any opposition.

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