Creepy Photography


With All hollows eve aka Halloween around the corner there is a tradition of dressing up in creepy costumes, watching creepy movies or doing creepy stuff to foster the spirit of Halloween. But there are some practices that used to be prevalent in the past that today’s world will view as creepy. One of those traditions is post mortem photography. It is a tradition because it is still practiced however not to the extent as it used to be.

The first post mortem photo was taken in 1841 the taking photos of the dead was actually filling a kind of memorial void that other forms, such as paintings, could not. Most importantly, taking a photograph of your dead loved one was simply faster than other mediums, and would eventually become more affordable as well. It was also possible that these photographs were the only images captured of this person, as photography was still a recent invention that was not always affordable or available. This final image may also be the only documentation of this person in their entire life.  There were many photos of children during the 19th century because of the high mortality rate of children the parents will have a lasting memory….



  1. My Mom’s family has several Momento Mori pictures taken of her family as she was growing up in Hawaii- the most recent though was taken in the 1940’s.
    It is also traditional in some families for children to pose with with a deceased child- as well as carry the coffin to the grave.
    I was a mortician for awhile and her family’s traditions really did set me on that path- a path I was honored to have taken.

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