Succubus Busted


I heard that wind chimes can be used to detect the presence of spiritual activity it is an old Chinese belief; a belief that is wide spread. It is said that the chimes are used to ward off evil spirits. It is also said that the chimes attract evil spirits. Then again, there is a saying that the wind chimes serves as a protection against spiritual intrusion. There are variations of these theories depending on the source of information. When I picture wind chimes in my mind I it is the Shaolin Buddhist temple on that show Kung Fu. The temple has a lot of white candles burning, with the sound of wind chimes sounding while a gently breeze blows. The presence of the white candles, gentle breeze and wind chimes in the temple is a strong indicator of spiritual activity. While I didn’t intend to make this story about wind chimes, this is just some back ground information to understand the logic behind the use of a wind chime.

I hung a wind chime in my room to see if what I heard about them is true. Since I’ve had some experience with spirits (; I thought at least I would have some type of indicator that there is some type of spiritual activity. The chime has been there for a couple of weeks. It did not sound that sometimes I forget it is there. The one night while lying in bed I detected some sort of presence. The presence felt like a rock was thrown and landed on the bed. The presence flew right past the wind chime; It felt like someone is kneeling on the bed. I felt the mattress displace. When I turned to see who or what is kneeling next to me in bed. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I saw a beautiful woman kneeling next to me. The image looked like a projected image on a projection screen the image was very enticing. How could it be? Then the answer pooped in my head. It is an intrusion from a Succubus ( Wow, here I am wide awake and actually seeing attempts of a Succubus attempting to induce me into generating sexual energy until I climaxed. Well I am fully aware of the activity of the Succubus that it could not exert any influence over my free will. I laughed at it and told it to go away.  The Succubus lingered on for a couple of minutes realizing that its attempts to influence me were futile, and then it disappeared.

I also recognized that the fact that the wind chime did not sound de- bunks the myth of the chimes sounding because of an indication of the presence of a spirit. Well at least in this type experience.

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