Cesspool of Corruption


What some people do to make a living may put them in a position that determines the fate of others. Most often it is the public-sector jobs, after all public-sector positions comes with delegated authority to do the bidding of the government. Some people working for government as civil servants take that implied power and they use it to benefit their own agenda. The public gets shaken down and have to put out to get the services that the government gives for free.

Not that members of the public are innocent in the game of getting free government benefits. Most of the time they lie and give false information…..

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  1. CPS is definitely a cesspool of corruption. Lying, falsifying documents, giving false statements in court.
    Their purpose was to unify the family unit. However, with the government rewarding them to adopt the children out, guess what, they will do anything to remove parental rights so they can put them up for adoption often accepting money or favors for blonde-haired,blue-eyed children.
    Nothing is being dine to stop this organization from destroying families.
    I know it runs rampant in west Texas and many other locations. They need to be sued as a whole and individually.
    No one is strong enough to take them on and expose the corruption. They have unbelievable power. You are guilty until proven innocent. They do not have to abide by our constitutional rights.

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    • Yes, I have observed the same thing and it is going on in NYC. Workers have too much to handle so they make false reports which often lead to the deaths of children.
      Foster care agencies make sure families are separated placing children in abusive foster homes. Many of those children were removed from their parents on baseless allegations and in turn really get abused when in foster care. Then they cover it up.
      On a whole there is corruption in every gov’t agency at some level agency……


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