Tunnel of Light

tunnel of light

All day performing gov’t bureaucratic duties dealing with the so called city’s vulnerable population, one runs into many negative energy such as the self-defeating attitudes of those who doubt themselves and the people they turn too to help get them out of their situation. Then there are those who have the mentality of being hopeless. These class of people do not want any improvement in life; they get a government stipend and do not want the possibility of ruining it with, “gulp” opportunities. These are toxic people (https://truegeorge.com/2015/09/26/toxic-to-the-core/), people giving the evil eye and every negative emotion you can name; all of them together create an energy sucking vacuum sapping an energetic person’s strength, both physically and mentally. Once leaving the interviewing and waiting areas and getting back at your desk, you sit down to relax for the moment then it hits you. All your energy leaves you; you are drained, you suddenly get tired, and a strong sense of  urge to sleep comes down on you. Usually at the close of the business day you muster up enough strength to drive home where you can be in an environment that will replenish your energy, and get some restful sleep.

It was one of those days, the energy vampires drained my energy. However the effect was not immediate. It wasn’t until I was behind the wheel of my car driving on a main highway, The Harlem River Drive and continuing on to the FDR Drive. Suddenly, the effects hit me like a ton of bricks. No more energy left, the overwhelming urge to sleep started to weigh me down. Damm, I’m in the middle of the highway, can’t just stop. I know; I’ll put on some music and crank up the air conditioner. Hopefully this will give me enough energy to make it to the next exit where I can get off to and get some rest for a couple minutes.

Driving along, I entered this tunnel, the tiles in the tunnel were immaculate pearly white, it was well illuminated. I did not see the end of the tunnel, just a bright white light. I thought to myself, I must be passing through the 34th street underpass or could it be the Midtown Tunnel? Either way those tunnels are not this bright. The next thing I know I was somewhere in South Brooklyn. With no memory of how I got there. Piecing it all together, it seemed that I had blacked out or fell asleep but somehow managed to navigate the highway and roads. Driving from Manhattan to Brooklyn  I must have stopped at the traffic lights, there was no accident and I was not pulled over by the Police. Yet, the only thing that I remembered was going through a tunnel of light. The perception of time for me was just a couple of minutes. But in real time from the location I was to the location I found myself when I came too, the drive took at least 30 minutes. I will never know for sure.

This is one of those mysterious events that will never be answered; perhaps I will get the answers after I cross over to the other side.



  1. I’m realizing more and more that doing anything at all while feeling drained and tired is a good recipe for multidimensional disaster.

    You work with/among the homeless? Then you know that not all of them are vampires, right?

    During my two years among them I was fond of saying there are two ways to end up on the street: one by mental dependence and weakness of character, and the other via independence of mind and strength of character.

    It also matters a lot what the individual involved does to transform the energies into which he or she has been plummeted.

    In my own case I created a web offering, subsequently endorsed by Rebelle and Namaste & currently creating compassion in quite a number of nations. You might be interested:

    “The New Holocaust: Homelessness in America and What We Can Do About It”

    yours foolie.wordpress.com

    Cheers, bro

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  2. Hello True George,

    That was a strange and scary and dangerous and mysterious event, it is fortunate that no one was harmed it seems, hopefully something like that will not happen again.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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