Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali died June 3rd; there were a lot of reminiscing about his achievements inside and outside the boxing ring.  But then there was segment of people talking what Ali used to say beliefs had that at the time were just as strong as his convictions about being drafted in the US Armed Forces. I’ve never heard these things said about Ali before; Ali’s opponents never voiced them when he was alive. But it is going around on the internet.


It’s ironic that three of his greatest fights were against George Foreman and Joe Frazier. Two men that helped him during his time of need. Well whatever happened between Ali and Frazier is now taken to the grave, let’s hope they work it out in the after life.

In this clip it seems that he repeated the teachings he learned from the Nation of Islam. I don’t know how long he held onto this belief after he left the Nation of Islam.





Here is how people will like to remember him:



The first time I heard of Muhammad Ali was from school mates. The school that I went to had just as much Muslim kids as they had Christian kids. Most of them were from Pakistan and India. They were proud that Ali a Muslim was the heavyweight Champ. When I saw Ali on T.V I saw that he was black. Yeah, now I can brag about the Champ too.  RIP champ.

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