Heightened Sense

heightened sense

     At this point I’m still in the 145th Street Armory environment with members of my unit on State active duty in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center right here in the Big Apple New York City.

When I got up I went to the back to update my journals. I saw chairs, a small arm chair, and couch, and a regular captain’s desk chair. Since nobody was around, I thought that there is enough privacy to do the self-hypnosis exercise. The armchair and the couch have a back and was too low for me to rest my head, so I used the captain’s chair. A wheel was missing and the chair tilted to one side. I shifted my weight to the side that was intact. I down counted from 25-1 twice, I did not feel the tingling sensation, that I often feel when I am in the trance state. Instead I felt the chair rocking; it was as though I was sitting in a rocking chair. I was expecting to have an out of body experience but it did not happen. This time the event was centered on the chair. I had contact with at least three entities. There was a man, I did not see his face, but it was as though he was assisting me in the hypnotic process. I heard myself tell the male that I will be putting myself in a hypnotic trance. Then I saw myself in a rocking chair. This was a new experience for me because I’ve never seen myself during this type of experience unless I was looking through a mirror. Also I noticed that I was aware of things happening in the real world, while I was in the trance state because I heard the pay telephone ring, and heard the person who answered the phone talking.

A woman who looked like she was in her late 50’s or early 60’s came to me. She had a document in her hand; the document resembled the Turnaround Document (TAD) that I use on my government bureaucrat job.  The form had a male’s name on it; it could have been her son’s name. It seemed that he got hurt, and she was applying for some type of benefit on his behalf. The woman asked me to review the document to see what was going on. When I looked at the document I saw that her son was getting some type of medical assistance. Then I saw that the document also had the son’s children listed, and they were also getting some type of medical assistance. The document suggested that the son’s former employer was providing the assistance. I asked the woman what does she want to do?  She said that she wanted to put in an application for some type of assistance for herself. She gave me her name and her husband’s name. It turned out that the information was also written on the TAD. The woman seemed surprised that the information was there. She mentioned that I have all the information. When she gave me her address, the husband’s and her address were different, I did not see the address where she said she lived, I saw the husband’s address. It was written 106 Fort. Washington Ave. She said that she was separated from her husband. I did not particular want to get onto her situation, because my objective was to get a deeper trance, so I sent the woman on her way.

A younger woman came to me, she was be in her late 20’s, or early 30’s, it seemed that I knew this woman. I told her that I was experimenting with hypnosis, and that I want her to repeat these behavior-altering suggestions back to me. I was whispering in her ear when I told her that statement. I did not want anybody else to hear the affirmations. The affirmations were the following: 1) I will learn the art of seduction. 2) I will seduce any and everybody I make contact with. 3) I will seduce any and every woman.

When I was whispering the affirmations, the woman was supposed to repeat those same and words. She did not repeat what I told her to repeat it, she kept on messing up the script. It seemed that she was nervous when I told her those words. She said that I should write those affirmations on a notebook, give it to her and she would repeat the words as it is written on a microphone. She went to a chair that was located on the right side, I got a small pad and I started to write down the words that I wanted her to repeat. I did not want to make her nervous, or uneasy, so I had toned down the language, I also thought that if I did not tone it down she would not read it, because she is a woman and some women may be offended by the statements, especially the seduction intentions. She may feel that the statements would apply to her since she was a female. The following was what was written:  1) I will be friendly towards woman. 2) I will be a woman’s friend before I seduce her.

Each time I wrote something down it would disappear when I turned the page. Then another person came to me, she wanted me to look into her case, I did not want to deal with any cases at this time, so I told this other woman that I cannot service at this time.

After the trance was over, It looked like I had a heightened sensitivity. I saw the presence of something, or someone. It was a shadowy figure it appeared to be a male, the presence left the area where I was and entered a room. I got up and went to the door that the shadow figure walked through. When I got there I could not go further because the door was locked it had a large locked pad lock on it.

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