Bus Ride


After recording a dream experience in the dream journal and making some type of analysis at the point in time when the dream experience was recorded; most of the time I don’t go back and read what was written. Many times the experience was recorded but no analysis made at that point in time. Also, no effort was made to re-read what was written. This experience that I’m presenting was one which I did not analyze or re-read. Now that I am writing it down here and editing it; I realize that it revealed something that I’ve heard about…..well I’ll let you look and come to a conclusion. See if it is what I believe it is. If it isn’t let me know:

I was waiting for the bus; I think that I was supposed to take the number 65 bus. The bus that came along was an old bus, when I got on the bus the inside looked like a new bus. The computer on the bus was not working, so the bus number was not displayed, the driver was trying to get it to work. The driver must have been new to the route, the computer is supposed to tell him which street he was suppose take. It turned out that the driver got lost, it also turned out that I got on the wrong bus because it did not go down the street on the bus route that I was supposed to take. There were a handful of people on the bus, I do not remember how many were male as oppose to female. The bus went around a corner of a compound, then we approached what seemed to be a puddle, but when the bus went through the puddle it became a large body of water. The whole bus went underneath the water and came out on the other side of the bank. When the bus was in the water, everybody on the bus thought that they were going to die and that the bus was not going to surface. Yet, while the bus was in the water, no water leaked through. When the bus came out on the other side of the bank, I decided to get off the bus to see if I can find anybody to ask directions. The area looked like a camp of some sort, then I saw a military personal; a woman was dressed in BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) and her face had black camouflage paint on it. It looked as though there was some sort of military operation going on, so I asked her if he could radio someone and let them know that a bus and passengers are in the area and we need directions getting out of the compound. I do not remember what kind of response that was received, but I saw that I was ground guiding the bus to the compound’s exit. When we approached the gate I got back on the bus; the bus driver turned the corner and there was the body of water again. When the bus attempted to go through the water it was as though the bus entered a lake. The passengers got scared, so the driver backed up the bus, everyone felt that they were trapped. The military personal did not help; their superiors basically gave them permission to decide our fate. I saw them started to take the passengers and make them participate in experiments. I saw a male passenger in a big fish tank with some sort of underwater breathing device; he was permanently put into the tank. Then I saw a woman passenger, she was in chains, and she had to service the soldiers by providing for their sexual needs.  I did not see what happened to the rest of the passengers, me included; but I knew that we did not leave the compound because the news of the missing bus was still in the newspapers.

Then next thing I saw was someone that resembled Mr. T. He was cleaning the stone steps of one of the brown stone houses on an unknown street. I got a suggestion in the dream (suggestion is a kind of feeling or knowledge an aspect of the dream state that is unknown) that this person was one of the passengers that was on the bus. The scene took place a year in the future. The man that resembled Mr. T  is allowed to leave the compound to perform the task of wiping down the houses on the unknown street. His only requirement is that he is not allowed to talk about the incident, or what happened to the bus passengers. The bus remains in the position in front of the body of water, but nobody in the city could see it.

Well did you come to a conclusion of what this is? To me this reeks as some sort of abduction (https://truegeorge.com/2016/03/10/e-t-abduction/). The vessel is the bus, the large body of water was probably a lake or the ocean and underneath the water is a base of operations where the abductees are subjected to scientific experiments. But of course I may be just exaggerating, after all this was just a dream experience or was it a fragmented memory?

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  2. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing your dream, that was a strange one, let us hope that it was only a dream; but I can see how you might come up with that possibly conclusion because of some of the strange aspects of this dream that could hint at a possibly abduction experience hidden in there.

    -John Jr

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    • Yeah, when the thought just occurred to me as I was transferring the words from the journal to the blog. It’s funny how it didn’t occur to me at that point in time when I recorded the experience. Then again, I was not aware and did not believe in such things as extraterrestrials at that point in time until I saw one….

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