Strange Police Dream


On this particular night, I had a series of dreams, but for some reason the dreams were not stable. I could not make them out or remember them. However, this one was stable enough for me to recall the events. It was a strange one. I still don’t have an analysis. Hell, perhaps I should get a dream dictionary or look more in depth on dream analysis….

I was involved in some type of negotiation on behalf of a drug organization. It turns out that it was in an area where another drug organization was taken down by the police; there was talk of expansion. The leader of the drug organization was talking to the associates about expanding in the area. It was not clear who was the leader; it seemed it was me. Most of this dream took place in the third person. Meaning I was watching the events rather than being a participant.  I saw that I was talking to a woman, she was an undercover FBI agent, we were talking about setting up a deal. She wanted to know how the organization operated, but I would not reveal that information to her. She started to show interest in me; she thought that by having sex with me that I would reveal the inner workings of the gang. She started to entice me by saying that I should be the leader. When the gang leader finally made the decision to expand on a rainy day the FBI agents moved in and arrested him.

The odd thing was I saw myself sharing an apartment with three other people including the woman, it looked as though that the apartment had to be cleaned. I saw one of the flat mates sweeping up the cat litter, and instead of throwing it in the garbage; he just swept it in the corner and left it there. I saw the woman cooking breakfast, there was fish in the frying pan that was on the kitchen sink. In the frying pan on the stove I saw a cat. I saw the same scene on two occasions.

Then the scene shifted and it turned out that we were trainees for a police unit; we had to keep things clean. Then I saw myself in a supermarket, I was looking for ice cream to buy, I saw other people with ice cream but I could not find the type of ice cream what the other people had. Everyone had a big tub of ice cream; all that was in the ice cream section was the little tub. As I was standing in line I saw the big tub of ice cream so I asked someone to hold my place in the line, I went and got the big tub of ice cream and I took my place back in the line; but when I got to the end of the line a woman that was waiting to pay for something asked if she could pay for the item, so I said it was OK.

The scene shifted again this time we were in a barracks standing at attention waiting to be inspected. There was one person who was next to me he was the leader. The commander came in and did the inspection; he asked the leader for his sidearm. He took the side arm and pointed it to the leader’s brother’s head and fired killing the brother. Then he said that the leader was irresponsible because the side arm was supposed to be empty; and that it was his fault that his brother is dead. He then took the leadership position away from the leader and gave it to me. I am the one who graduated to the position of leadership on the police force.

This was one of the strangest dream I had so far for that year. The scenes were not stable.

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