Puff Daddy’s Misdeed


Sometimes the image of people that are famous or infamous appear in our dreams. As to why they do depend on if you think you have an affinity to that person, or it is just an image that your subconscious know that you will accept rather then one that you will reject. This is something to ponder. Anyway, on this particular night; I actual had two dreams. The other dream was https://truegeorge.com/2017/04/02/strange-police-dream/ Perhaps there is a co-relation.

I saw the apartment building where I live. I saw that Puff Daddy (Sean Combs) was standing in front of the building. It was just after he was found innocent in the gun case. It was the incident where him and another Rapper was accused of shooting up a club in Manhattan around the time when Jennifer Lopez was his girlfriend.

Outside my building that there was an argument between Puff Daddy and my father. It seems that Puff Daddy was supposed to have given my father some money. It is not clear why, nor was it clear what was the reason why Puff Daddy was on the block. Since he is there the rest of my family members were taking pictures of him.

I saw the base of the building and it had a hook sticking out of it. The hook was part of the foundation.  Puff Daddy secretly tied a rope to his big 4×4 Cadillac Escalade and to the hook; he got in the truck and pulled the hook out of the building. Since the hook was part of the building’s foundation, he thought that if he pulled out the hook that the building will be pulled down. It turned out that the building did not collapse, but there was structure damage.

Nobody saw puff Daddy’s misdeed of pulling on the hook; except for me. He was declaring himself innocent, saying that if there was no proof that he tried to pull the building down and that I should not say that he done it. Then I saw my father; he was selling the building; he had the buyer with him but the sale could not go through because of the damage to the structure.

Then it darned on me that pictures were being taken of puff Daddy and that someone made a home video of Puff Daddy and the events that took place on the block. I located the pictures and the video. The video revealed that Puff Daddy tied the rope to the hook and his truck and pulled the hook out of the building. I took the video to Puff Daddy and said that if he does not pay for the damage I will release the video to the media. I cannot recall what the response was; or if he paid for the damage. It turned out that my father was able to collect insurance money for the damage to the building.

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    • The last I heard he just dodged another legal bullet. This time he alleged assaulted one of his Son’s college football coach. Lucky for Puffy the coach he allegedly assaulted had a reputation for verbally abusing parents and players. It looks like he said something to Puffy and he wasn’t having it. The University didn’t pursue the matter…..

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  1. Hello True George,

    Puff Daddy and Cadillac Escalade(s), are names that I rarely ever hear now-a-days, and parts of this dream actually sound like something that could have happened in the real world.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr

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