Sometimes the life’s hustle prevents me from doing something or perhaps I should say that at that point in time the goal that I had in mind was to be somewhere at a certain time. So I did not immediately write down the events of this experience right away. This resulted in losing some the conscious memory of some of the events that took place in this experience. This is when I began to notice that the conscious retention of memory of a profound dream gradually fades away during the day, and after the day is over the conscious recall of the dream event depends on how profound the dream was. For example everyone remembers their nightmare for obvious reasons. But when it comes to something that isn’t a nightmare if you do not record it right away you will lose details. Then when you do decide to recall it there are distortions sometimes we can fill the gap but most of the times the subconscious will not let us recall.

With this experience, I did not record right away but had conscious memory of the events. It was a strange one. It went like this….

I was not a participant in this dream this is the thing I saw. I saw a woman in the present time she had long hair; I could see her face, but the face was of a person that unrecognized by me. She appeared to be either Hispanic or a half Indian woman. I saw that she was searching for her family from the past.

Then the scene turned into a place that looks exactly like my room. An entity appeared to the woman. The entity said to the woman “take my hand and come with me.” The woman was taken to see her Grandmother. Then she was taken back further in time and was taken to see her great, great Grandmother. When she came back to the present I saw that that her facial features had changed (she noticed it too). Then it was suggested that there was an interruption in her bloodline. It was by the father of one of her Grandmother’s children. That the bloodline was inadvertently mixed up with her bloodline and it changed her racial features in the present.

So she took a journey to put things right. She went through the path that the entity had taken her to the place where the mix up in bloodlines was to supposed to have happened. It looked like some time in the mid 1800’s at least that was my impression. I saw her float in the air to reach the second floor of a mansion; she looked in the window where she saw one of her Grandmothers. The Grandmother was sitting down doing embroidery. At this point this is where the conscious recalling failed. I can’t seem to remember what events took place in that mansion

As the dream progressed; the woman visited another Grandmother. The second Grandmother she visited was in a place that resembled the stair well in the house that I lived in when I was younger (infant to pre-teen). The woman was sitting there on the stairs. At this point conscious recall of the events with this Grandmother failed.

The third place I saw the woman go was to another house. There was a man in front of the house. It seemed he was a commander in the military and he was telling the woman’s Grandmother that his men are in the area and that she had to make room in her house for them to stay. I thought to myself this must be in the 1700’s or before because the US constitution has prohibited the military from putting up Soldiers in a private residence without permission from the owner. The strange thing this time around is that I saw that I was in the house watching T.V. I was told by the woman that she had guests and to make them watch what they wanted to watch. They wanted to watch wrestling, but since I was watching something else I strongly objected. I got my way but then then I conceded to them and I went upstairs to another room. At this point conscious recollection failed again..

I saw that there was a sword fight between someone; the conscious recollection has not made it clear who was involved in the sword fight…

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