Visitor Violations


It was business at the Psych Ward as usual; nothing out of the ordinary took place. The only thing that tried the patience of Joe the Intern was Dawn. She keeps on asking him if he can go to the cafeteria and buy her some coffee. She tells the Intern that she has money and will pay him $10 if he can go and get her a cup of coffee. Other times she would pester the Intern if  he can sell her a cigarette.

The Intern keeps on telling her the same answer over and over and over again. The Intern states that “I cannot do these things for you.” Dawn was persistent and the Intern was standing his ground. It got to the point where one of the other patients mentioned that she is just wasting her time asking for something that she will not receive.  Gerry the other Intern  mentioned that Dawn is the only patient that he felt some type of discomfort when she approaches him. Intern Gerry avoids interacting with Dawn whenever he can.

The reason why Dawn is harassing the Interns is that she cannot get to go out to the cafeteria to get what she wants because she has committed some type of violation of the Psych ward rules, since the Interns are not always there; she thought that they would go out there way to do something for her that the staff would not do.

When someone comes to visit a patient, there are rules in place that is designed to keep the patients safe.  Yet, some of the patient’s visitors violate the unit rules on providing certain things that can be dangerous to the patients. The anorexia patient Lydia’s visitor who is her sister was told not to give Lydia any more gum. This is because Lydia has a habit of putting the whole pack of gum in her mouth and going to sleep. When she sleeps with chewing gum in her mouth the gum winds up being stuck in her throat. The last time she did it, she almost died. The Psych Ward administration has forbidden Lydia from chewing gum.  Lydia’s sister has given in to Lydia’s begging and brought her some gum during her visitation. Lydia was so happy to finally have some chewing gum again after a lengthy period. However, unfortunately staff is attentive when it comes to Lydia because she is so fragile, and they noticed that she was chewing gum. The staff forced Linda to spit out the gum and her body, room and belongings were searched to make sure that she dose not have any more gum.

The other visitors violation was that Kevin’s visitor provided Kevin with cigarettes. Then Kevin and Richie, hid in the bathroom and was smoking. They wouldn’t have got caught if it wasn’t for Richie asking to go out for some fresh air after the fresh air group already left. The staff smelled the smoke. Both Kevin and Richie confessed to having the cigarettes and they even told who provided it to them.

Whether or not the visitors intentional violated the Psych Ward rules the staff is required to report what took place to the treatment team. The treatment team will make the decision whether to ban the visitors who violated the rules from visiting for a period of time. The treatment team can decide to take away the patient’s privileges. They would no longer be able to walk the grounds, or go to the cafeteria during the week. In the case of Lydia, she is deemed a risk and cannot go anyplace anyway (not that she cares). Lydia won’t even care if her sister doesn’t visit. She is always expressing that she hates her sister. Kevin and Richie won’t be happy campers if they are sanctioned in any way.

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