The Bedroom

It was 14:00, I decided to listen to the “deep sleep” entrainment meditation CD, this particular recording was the sound of ocean waves;  after a while the body began to go into relaxation mode; simultaneously  I was moving the energies to install the vibrational state. While this was going on I found myself flowing through the air; at first I was flowing with my legs moving, as though I was running to pick up speed. Then I remembered that since I am not in the physical world, I do not have to do the same actions as I would do if I was in the physical world. So I stopped moving my legs, and used my thoughts to move through the air; and when I done that, I found that I could pick up speed and move as fast as I wanted.

Afterwards, I came to an area that appeared to be the apartment building where I reside within the City of New York. I passed through the window of the first floor left apartment. From there I passed through the apartment door to the hallway, and I was passing through to the floor where my apartment is located. When I got to that floor, I found it difficult to pass my lower body completely onto to the floor. I saw somebody who appeared in the hallway. I asked him to help me get the rest of my body to pass through the landing roof so that I could be completely on the floor. He put my feet on the handrail, so I could get some leverage to put myself on the floor. Once on the floor, I saw the door to my apartment. Then I went into the apartment.  The person that appeared in the hallway followed me into the apartment.

When we got into the apartment, I went into my bedroom; when I went into my bedroom I found that there was a female inside my bedroom and she was sitting on the bed. I felt the energy surrounding  this female  which caused me to become sexual aroused; the person that followed me into my apartment was behind me when I entered my bedroom and the female also caused him to become sexual aroused. When we came over to her she started to give both of us oral sex.

While the female was providing oral sex I found that I started to lose some lucidity.  It was just as well because there was an interruption of the state due to the activities and conversation taking place in the tent at that point in time.

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