Helping Out

This was a day when there was some down time; at 17:00 I went into the Camp’s  chapel’s mediation room this time I was using the binary beat entrainment program called  “healing meditation.” As usual I started out with installing the vibrational state; when doing the vibrational state, and moving the energies around, the vibrational state was installed; I was going to reach the CD player to put on the headphones, it was difficult to move and I felt that I could not reach over to pick up the CD.

The CD player, was turned over and the batteries were been taken out. It was a though CD player was being thrown on the floor. I said to myself, “what the hell is this..?” then I felt extra physical beings starting to enter the room. As they entered the room, I felt that I was being charged up with energy to help me exteriorize donating it to assist the extra physical beings looking for that energy.

As those extra physical beings came into the room I started the process of exteriorizing the donation of bio- energy; this took place at least three times. A higher consciousness was assisting by charging me up with enough energy to assist the extra physical beings in need of it without me having to be drained. 

I’m not too sure how much extra physical beings came through; but the the last group were starting to become a bit aggressive. The just wanted to grab onto me in an aggressive manner, to suck what energy they can have instead of understanding that the donation of energy is not individualized. One of those aggressive beings violently grabbed onto my hand. My response was to kick it off and told it to go and stand behind the rest; and told the others to stop the aggression otherwise I will stop assisting them with an energy donation. At that point the aggression stopped, they became orderly and everything worked out.

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