If it “wasn’t for these meddling kids,” and their talking dog Scooby Doo many a villain would have gotten away with murder. If it wasn’t for Sam and Dean Winchester many vengeful spirits would have gotten away with murder and mayhem. What gave me the kicks is when Sam and Dean Winchester teamed up with Scooby Doo and the gang for an adventure.

You got to hand a prize to the Supernatural team who came up with this idea. The only drawback is that it didn’t do the characters of Saggy and Cassiel justice. At least they should have showed Saggy getting high perhaps share a joint with Dean. But overall this is a classic and if you ever get the chance to see it you’ll have a good laugh…

Check out this celebration video of the full episode, complete with spooky music that would send chills up your spine if it was played under darker themes.  

The other is a side by side of the original 1969 Scooby Doo episode which was used for the Supernatural episode synced with the final production.


  1. Hello True George,

    Scoobynatural is a funny and pretty good name.

    Making a post about an episode of a show is something that I have wanted to do before several times, but several concerns and being behind with and busy with other post ideas and laziness have prevented me from doing so; and so it is good to see someone else do what I have not done yet, and thank you for including some videos.

    -John Jr

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      • Hello True George,

        I currently have 51 draft posts that I started but never finished (mostly for movies and television show et cetera that I saw in the past), I know, it is sad. 😀

        -John Jr


        • I also have many articles that I’ve written and once in a while I draw from them and make a post. But what dismays me is that I lost a whole lot of articles because of a faulty memory stick. It was a miracle that I recovered my dream journals from the drive, but lost the other stuff….

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          • Hello True George,

            That is unfortunate that you lost a lot of articles, I was stupid and I deleted many of mine in the past, if only you had backups online back then.

            -John Jr


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