The Warrens



When it comes to conjure what passes through my mind is the movie “The Conjuring.” The events of the movie itself were based on the memoirs of the famous Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren . They are the founding members of the New England Society for Psych Research; and as far as I know the only civilians that have been sanctioned by the Catholic Church to be able to perform an exorcist. Otherwise the Catholic Church usually leave that task to specially trained Priests. The Warrens are the authors of many books about the paranormal; their private investigations and ghost hunting activities. Among the published memoirs were cases that received national attention. The Amityville Hauntings; that investigation involved a variety of individuals including college students, Police Officers, Medical Doctors, Clergy and other paranormal investigators. The Amityville Hauntings  were also the subject of various Hollywood movies as well…

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