It was 17:30 when I sat down in my chair in the tent practicing the visualization exercise that I’ve been working on these couple of past days.  In this instance I decided to test how effective my visualization was by visualizing a familiar place. The place I picked was to visualize the bed in my bedroom.

 When I got in the relaxed mode and started to see the pictures; I viewed the bed from the angle that you would see it when you walk into the room. Afterwards, I decided to change the angle of view, and visualized looking in the room towards where the dressing table is located. I got a picture of the room in its entirety. The picture was not very clear, so I had started to move the energies to see if I would be able to tune into the exact frequency; as this was happening, the visual of the room became clear. I was able to see everything in the room as I left it.

While scanning the room, I saw that the dressing table draws were open; looking as though someone went through them and not closing them afterwards.  I went to the closet to see if the closet doors were closed.  When I looked in that area, it the closet perimeters appeared to be slightly different. Also there was not as munch clothes and the closet floor had fewer things then there actually was.

I looked in the corner of the closet where I left a small bowling ball coin bank which I used to collect the new quarters. I saw that it was not there, in addition articles that were in that particular corner was not there present. I looked and saw that the bedroom door was open. I thought to myself that I should call home and ask them if anybody had been in the room.

I saw that the cat was coming into the room, so I wanted to see if the cat was able to feel my presence in the room. As I approached the cat; it seemed to tell that something was around and he started to run away. When the cat was running away I was chasing after it. He went into the closet and was hiding in one of the corners. I extended my hand and touched the cat, then I started to pull the cat away from the corner out of the closet. The cat started to bite my hand in its attempt to get away. While the cat was biting my hand, I could actually feel the bites.

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