Jacob’s Ladder

It was16: 30 when I went into the Camp’s chapel’s meditation room to do the energy movement so that I could reach the vibrational state and get a certain level of relaxation; because I have not done so during the last three days.

Once in the meditation room and going through the motions, I found that moving the energy was a bit difficult for some unknown reason. It felt as though I was not moving the energy very well and that I was not attaining any level of relaxation. I started to use a combination of deep breaths and energy movement simultaneously.  When I did that, I still felt as though I was not making any progress. Despite having that feeling, I still continued doing what I was doing to attain my goal.

While continuing the process I began to notice that the meditation room door had swung open. When I saw that I recognized that I attained some level of relaxation in order for me to see the passage to the astral world. I attempted to get up, but for some reason I could not move. The physical body and the energetic body did not separate right away. I still had to raise the vibrational state a little more before the separation could take place.

Once I managed to raise the vibrational state higher, the separation took place; I went through the door. On the other side of the door I saw a staircase. When I started to climb up the stairs, I saw some figures that resembled human beings stated to come down the stairs. I was curious has to what type of beings they were, so I stopped and put my hands on one of them.

I placed my hand on the being’s shoulders, and turned it around. I was also reminding myself not to be enticed into doing any sexual acts with this being; and if this being craved any sexual energy, not to get involved. I started looking over this being, and it turned out that it looked like and felt like the average human being.

When I reached the top of the stairs, there was a human being that looked like an old friend of mine that I  met back in Junior High School. His name was John Rivera and he looked exactly the way he looked back then. I said to the being “you look like my friend John Rivera,” and thought to myself, “I wonder if he’s dead.” Then as the being that looked like John walked past me; the face changed from John’s face to a face that looked traumatized; either the trauma was caused because he was involved in an accident, or the face became deformed as a result of being murdered. The being went on its way down the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, I found that I was in a room; but for some reason I left the room and I ended up going outdoors. I thought the enemy was coming after me so I hid in some bushes. The enemy came close; he was standing right over the bushes where I was hiding. A beehive materialized, and wasps were coming out of the hive, yet the wasps did not attack. After that the events became to distorted to make any conscious sense of what took place. There was no conscious recollection until I found that I was no longer in the trance state.

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