Parallel World

 It was 20:00 and since we did not go on any convoy run today most of us cooled our heel engaging in the recreational activity going on around the Camp. For me, I took the opportunity to engage in my meditation activity.  I started out by preparing myself with the entrainment CD, “relax and let go, and the quite mediation.”  While listening to the quite meditation, I entered into the trance state.

While in state I started to a parallel of the tent environment. There was some type of activity going on, even though I knew that I was the only one in the tent, I saw that there was at least a group soldiers (extraphysical) were in the tent. They were going on doing the usually business of life’s activity. Then in the bunk next to mine, I saw two of the extraphysical soldiers wrestling.

Then as they rolled over and were facing me, one of them told me that the other one hurt its arm, and that I should recognize who the person is. I said to the being that I couldn’t recognize who he is because he never showed me his face.

Afterwards, I saw a number of cots neatly piled up representing a pyramid, and it seemed that the extraphysical beings were using the cots. As I looked at how the cots were arranged, I mentioned that the cots are going to fall, when I mentioned it  I saw  some of the cots started to fall. Then as suddenly as the cots appeared, the cots were all spaced out around the tent.

 There were extraphysical beings laying in the cots, I said to myself, maybe they are waiting for me to exorcized some energy, as I was going to exorcized the energy, the Platoon Daddy came into the tent and his presence took me out of the trance asking me to sign some card for  that was going to be presented to a Soldier that  was injured during the week. After he left I found that O could not make the same connection to the parallel world.

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