Astral War Camp

It was somewhere between 20:00 and 21:00, when I started my daily meditation; I used the entrainment program called “meditate and create” CD. While listening to the CD the body relaxed to the point where I felt that a lucid separation from the physical body could occur; when I had this feeling, I attempted to get up from the physical body, however I could not get up, so I decided to wait for a few minutes, while moving energy to loosen up the dense energy field around the physical body.  I felt the head become misaligned with the physical body’s head. I was able to separate my head from my physical body’s head. Then I was able to leave the torso from the physical body’s torso.

Recognizing that the process would take some time to be completely separated because, it was a progressive process where different parts of the energetic body were able to separate from the physical body. As the last parts of the energetic body loosened, and separated, I sat at the edge of the bed; while at the edge of the bed one of my arms touched the physical body, and it became stuck, so I used some force and stated to pull it from the physical body with some success.  I was able to walk away from the physical body, and out of the tent.

When I was outside of the tent in the astral representation of Scania; it seemed that the energetic body had caused a noticeable shadow. The shadow was large like one would see under conditions of being in front of a candle light.  Then I looked in the direction where the Smith tower was located. In the location where Smith Tower is supposed to be a I saw a similar tower, except for that tower was taller and larger and that it had this big black net covering it from the top where the soldier was stationed, hanging down to the halfway point. It was the same thing at the location of another tower. There were military personal walking around; the uniform looked totally different. The uniform top had sleeves that were hanging down at the cuff area, the top was large and it reached halfway down the legs to the knees. The uniform also had black spots. I noticed that I had on the same uniform.

 As I walked through the camp observing the environment, the whole scene looked scary, and intimidating. I came across some beings whom I felt their touched; after that the rest of the events became too distorted unclear enough for me to make some sense of what happened.

Maybe the real reason why I cannot recall what happened because the other tent mates were having a discussion which became louder, interrupting my focus which took me out of the state.

       Before I came out of the state, when the physical and the energetic bodies were joined back together, I felt the stages that the physical body had to go through to reach back to the waking state. As I was back to the waking state, I felt relaxed and energized.

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