Looney Tunes

It was 00:30 hours when I laid down while listening to the entrainment program “total relaxation;” I wanted to see how deep of relaxation that I could attain. The entrainment program coupled with the frequency sounds that are supposed to help the brain produce the alpha state  in less time then it would normally take.  Once in the alpha state I started to see pictures.

The first pictures that I saw seemed  like a story running through my head;  even though this was happening I did not pay attention to the story  that was running; however  I took notice of it after I came out of the state briefly because I saw a stationary picture.

The stationary picture was not clear at first, when going deeper in state the picture became clearer. While I had clarity looking at the picture it looked far away; I attempted to bring the picture closer to me so that I can see it better, but the picture did not move. So I did another technique. I used my mental prowess to stretch my astral arms and pulled the picture towards me.

When my astral arms pulled the picture closer to me, I saw that the picture was of myself; I was either on a horse, or a car. Afterwards the picture went inward inside the frame where there was a whole different world. It was a surreal world, and everything was represented by “Looney tunes” cartoon characters. It all did not make any sense to me; I wonder if it did have anything to do with the thoughts, ideas, or anything else what was going on in my head at that point in time.

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