Dark Room


I was back at the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) participation in another Vibrational state laboratory. Not munch happened during the Vibrational State lab; I felt a vibration on the right back muscle. It was like an inch concentrated through that area, the same sensation was felt on the right chest. Then the whole room went dark and I was looking to leave the room because I thought that the electricity went out; however, I could not find the door. When I finally found the door; the person in the other room came into the room where I was and lead me out; once we out of the room where I was in it was also dark in the other room where we went..

I had a perception, it was a group of people who came into the room to have a meeting. As I was leaving the room into the other room, the group went in. I saw someone that I perceived to be called Maria; I told her that I have the money that I owed her. I paid her and I was going to ask why I was not invited to the meeting because I was also a member of the group. I did not ask the question because I wanted to go home to rest; I thought I’d catch up on the meeting’s issues later on.

It looked like the members were hanging out before they came into the office. When the members went into the room they all appeared to have wool sweater on which I thought was strange because the season is summer.

The last perception that I had; I perceived something that sounded like a wind in an elevator shift and I heard a voice rushed in with the wind I cannot recall what the voice was saying.

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