The Patient

I was at the second gig while sitting in the office things were slow so  I put my feet up and decided to do some meditation. I was taking some deep breaths and counting down. When I got into the meditative state, this is when I heard footsteps. I knew no one was in the area so I gathered that the footsteps couldn’t be from any physical being.

The footsteps came from the entrance and into the room. The presence came towards the desk. I told myself not to open my eyes to check because I know I won’t see anyone and I would fall out of state. I didn’t want to feel threatened so I performed the movement of energy to install the vibrational state for some protection. Now I heard the footsteps stop at the desk. Then I hear something like the presence is moving stuff around I even heard what sounded like my laptop being closed and opened.

It was long before I started to see an image; It was an image of a patient in bed with his head wrapped in bandages. The bandages also covered his face. For some odd reason I decided to give the patient a burst of energy; it looked like the patient responded well. He sat up and each time I sent a burst of energy to the patient the bandages that were covering his face started to recede to the point where the bandages no longer covered his face.

 Now I can see his face clearly. The patient suddenly grabbed my arm and held onto it. He put my arm in his mouth; I could feel his teeth on my arm. It looks like he wants to eat my arm. An attempt to repeal him was unsuccessful; he is moving up my arm chewing and swallowing it. He has moved up from the wrist to the fore arm. This is alarming; I responded by physically kicking him off my arm. When I did that I was out of state.

Since this startling to me I forgot that physical moves are ineffective; when it comes to these types of things it is all mental.  This just reminds me that I need more mental development. I have to learn to be mentally patience and be more competent to deal with these types of entities.  

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