Israelite’s Cats

There was a first part to this particular dream; but the details of that dream as so abstract that I cannot consciously put together the words to express it.

Part two of this dream I found myself in front of a truck. The truck was owned by members of the Black Israelites they wore their costumes and they had swords. The curved ones like the ones the Arabs have. The Israelites were selling food from the truck. Then I saw a cat. The cat was tied up at the side of the truck. I don’t know what the Israelites planned to do with the cat, but as far as the fate of the cat; it didn’t look good.

 The cat started to struggle to get out from being tied up.  The cat was successful and ran across the street into a park. One of the Israelites ran after it. I felt glad that the cat escaped and I knew that the Israelite chasing it wouldn’t catch it because humans cannot outrun the cats and this one was moving real fast.

 Then I saw that the Israelites had three other cats tied up together on the other side of the truck. Those cats were struggling but they were tied up too tight and they could not escape. Then I saw the Israelite that was chasing the escaped cat. Somehow he caught the escaped cat and was bringing it back to the truck.

My thoughts were; how could he have caught that cat as fast as it was moving? I asked the Israelite and he said that he pretended to have food and tempted that cat to come to him. I said to myself “what a stupid cat” Someone standing next to me said you wonder what they have cooking in that pot. The Israelites assured that they don’t cook or eat cats and they are not selling cat meat. Then they packed up their stuff and put it into the truck and drove off. The back of the truck had a sign.

The sign at the back of the truck stated “cats and dogs… and some other words that has faded out as the truck moved further out of range…

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