I was tossing and turning for most of the night. Perhaps I wasn’t that tried to begin with and was just lying there and not sleeping it was a bit annoying. Nowadays I’m not as relaxed as I once was. I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like getting the I-pod to play one of the entrainment programs. I decided to do some deep breathing to get better relaxed. I didn’t feel that I was more relaxed but at some point it must have been effective.  

The next thing that I remembered was that I got out of bed and went up to the dressing table and was looking in the mirror. The mirror did not reflect my image; instead there was a dark silhouette. A dense shadow sitting down behind a desk; he was handing me something that looked like a folder. He pushed it to me and I took it. Then I felt a presence on my right side.

There was a similar figure standing next to me. I looked at it and he appeared to be another shadowy figure except for the physical features looked very familiar. It resembled Sgt. Brown (as far as I know Sgt has not passed away) somebody I’ve known for a couple of years. I looked at him and said what’s up. I held out my fist and he gave me a fist bump and smiled. Then I turned my head back to the figure sitting behind the desk and looked at the folder.

I do not know what was in the folder; I do not know why I was given the folder. There were no words exchanged. I looked at it and it looked at me. There was no perception of communication otherwise…       

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